4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Form Fill Seal Machine

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4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Form Fill Seal Machine

Detecting The Signs Early.

Form Fill Seal (FFS) packaging machines are popular as they are quick and efficient at packaging products. If you’ve already invested in one, your business will benefit — but not if you keep using it when it no longer meets your needs, requires fixing or modification. 

You don’t need to be a mechanical engineer to detect when this starts happening. Here are 4 signs that your FFS packaging machine needs an upgrade or replacement.


Your Demand Exceeds Your Output.

Having your product demand exceed your output isn’t the worst problem to have, as it’s a sign that your business is growing. If this hasn’t happened yet, you should decide at which point you’ll need a greater output capacity. This depends on whether you transport your products immediately after packaging or if they remain in storage until ordered. If you calculate that an X amount of increased orders in a timeframe will cause delays, you can plan for a new machine — with time to hire and train more workers if needed.


Your Throughput Has Slowed Down

Good production speeds require the right workers, machinery, and workload. Place too much pressure on either component and you’ll face a drop in quality and slower throughput. Workers who can’t keep up with your output will end up working under stressful conditions, in turn risking mistakes and injuries. They could also leave, forcing you to find and train workers from scratch. Upgrading to an automatic machine can increase your throughput, freeing up your workers to do other tasks and work at a reasonable pace.

Your Machine Can’t Package New Formats And Sizes

You never know when your product packaging might need to change. Being able to adapt to these changes will keep your business relevant and customers happy. For example, your customers might want to buy a single serving product in a larger package. Some older FFS machines can’t increase bag widths or need a complicated, lengthy process to do so. If demand warrants it, you might need a machine that can package different sizes and shapes in a single line output.

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Your Machine Is Outdated And Keeps Making Errors 

It’s a reality of working with machines that eventually you’ll have to replace them. FFS machines are evolving to do more work in less time and include advancements like the ability to work with resealable closures or metallic materials. Even if your machine offers these services, with time it can start causing errors or working slower than before. One example of this is product wastage. A malfunctioning machine could overfill your bags or seal leaky ones.

Why Us?

If your machine is old or your packaging needs have changed, the thought of reentering the marketplace to replace it can be intimidating. Keep the process simple and stress-free by partnering with a supplier specializing in providing businesses with FFS machinery and other product packaging solutions. Contact Webster Griffin to get the process started.

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