An Insight Into Webster Griffin’s Installation For Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) Ltd

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An Insight Into Webster Griffin’s Installation For Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) Ltd?

The Webster Griffin Process

When it comes to installing Form Fill Seal (FFS) packaging machines, our approach differs from client to client. Despite this, we approach each challenge with a similar mindset and process.

To give you an idea of what you can expect when working with us, here’s how we planned and executed a FFS machine installation for a major UK-based pet food supplier.


How Did Webster Griffin Get the Opportunity To Install A Form Fill Seal Machine At Ipn?

Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) Ltd approached us to design and install a packaging solution for their North Yorkshire facility. IPN is a pet food manufacturer that produces Harrington's brand of pet foods. Their product range includes dedicated lines for senior dogs or dogs with food sensitivities. They also offer products for other animals like rabbits or mice.


IPN requested that our solution include a high-speed packing line capable of packaging high volumes of products in various sizes, with minimal downtime and human involvement necessary. The solution would also need to address their palletising and conveying needs.

What Client Specific Challenges Did Webster Griffin Face When Installing The FFS Machine?

IPN needed to reduce their machine’s downtime and cut down on the manual labour required to palletise, wrap and convey their packaged products. Their packaging system would need to be controllable and automated. It would also need to deliver maximum operating efficiency on a national level.


What Was The Resounding Feeling After The Commissioning Of The FFS Machine At IPN?

Webster Griffin was able to assist IPN from design to installation. Following a training and onboarding process, IPN took ownership of their system and to date have been happy with its output and capabilities. Since then, they've gone on to order two additional palletising lines, as well as an integrated service report contract.

Using a FFS packaging machine can decrease the time you spend packaging products — streamlining the process and removing added steps. It means that you can package more products in less time, with reduced waste and fewer hands involved.

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