What Factors Should Businesses Look For When Investing In A FFS Machine Besides Cost & Speed?

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What Factors Should Businesses Look For When Investing In A FFS Machine Besides Cost & Speed?

What Other Factors Should I Consider?

When you’re considering buying a Form Fill Seal (FFS) packaging machine, it’s easy to focus exclusively on its primary benefits. Its throughput per hour and overall cost will be a major deciding factor for your business. However, these shouldn’t be the only elements you focus on if you want to get the most value from it in the long term. To ensure your FFS machine integrates seamlessly into your operations and saves you time and money, here are two factors worth keeping in mind.


Advanced Technology

In the past, it was standard for FFS machines to operate without an accessible operating interface or network. Businesses had to make do with generic machines simplified to support as many different packaging needs as possible. If any problem occurred, you had to shut the machine down and seek professional help. This resulted in unavoidable delays and a significant loss of money. 

FFS machines should place the power in your hands, allowing you to take over operating and troubleshooting where possible. Some machines are customisable via specialised software. It means you can control and track its packaging film or regulate and control your bag sealing temperatures.


Some machines also have bilingual interfaces and touch screens so you can intuitively operate them. Some FFS machines have USB-based data systems. This means you can plug its USB into a computer to view its analytics, performance and accuracy — allowing you to detect and resolve minor problems in-house.

It helps you keep up with its maintenance schedule, keeping downtime to a minimum and maximising productivity. Some machines can even integrate into a line control system, which means they’ll automatically slow down or speed up based on the rest of the production line.


Advanced Flexibility

In the past, businesses wanting high packaging speeds had to buy dedicated machines for different package sizes. If a machine did support many sizes, it usually required time consuming and complex changeovers between runs. This forced businesses to invest in multiple machines for different product ranges and sizes. It also meant they had to invest in a larger factory space and more employees.

We now know that you can get fast packaging speeds without compromising on versatility. It means that your machine should match its high throughput speeds with flexibility. Few markets request a single type and size of product, with most demanding various ranges to meet different needs. A FFS machine should support a range of packaging materials and styles. It should also support shorter product runs with different package types and sizes.

FFS Machine

Your FFS machine can save you even more time by integrating other functions into your packaging line. For example, some machines can automatically remove air from food product packaging, replacing it with gas to extend its shelf life. Others automatically label your products with best by dates or stockist information.

Focusing on how your FFS machine can facilitate the latest technology and more flexibility means that you’ll enjoy high throughput speeds without having to compromise on any other functionality. It also means that you’re paying for a machine that will help you cut costs and grow with your business.

What Now?

If you’re still unsure as to what exactly you need to be looking for when purchasing a FFS product packaging machine, Webster Griffin can help. With years of experience in customising packaging solutions for businesses, we can match you with a system that’s affordable and fast — without compromising on technology or flexibility. 

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