Diamond Accuracy of Webster Griffin’s Net Weighers Minimises ‘Give Away‘ for Major UK Pet Food Producer

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Diamond Accuracy of Webster Griffin’s Net Weighers Minimises ‘Give Away‘ for Major UK Pet Food Producer 

Who Are Wagg Foods?

IPN launched their first official dog food range in 1985. They are a family owned business based in Yorkshire that produces high quality pet food using high quality ingredients making it great value for money. Wagg Foods a subsidiary of IPN, caters for smaller pets with a range of pet food suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice.

Net weighing is especially important for pet food manufacturers that produce mass quantities of animal food per day. If the weight accuracy is even slightly off, they will lose thousands of pounds in 'product give away' every year.


Why Did They Require An Additional Net Weigher From Webster Griffin?

Wagg Foods a subsidiary of IPN (Inspired Pet Nutrition) moved from Topcliff to their current plant in Dalton, where they took the opportunity to upgrade their net weigher for their automatic Bag and Sack filling machine for bags weighing 15 - 17 kg. The market demand for smaller bagged pet food increased significantly meaning they needed to purchase an additional net weigher to improve throughput levels.


Why Should You Care About Product Giveaway?

No matter what type of powdered product you’re selling, you’re responsible for each package weighing what it’s supposed to weigh. Accurate weighing shows clients that you value the quality of their product and that they can trust you, while repeated inconsistency could antagonise loyal customers. High accuracy will also help reduce product giveaway. This loss can be hard to visualise when dealing with powdered or even granular products but over time even minor amounts can add up in value.

Suppliers require their net weighing to be accurate so their ‘product giveaway’ isn't too much or too little. Customers get irritated when they are short changed and given too little product and suppliers get angry when they give too much away because they’re essentially losing money.

Industrial digital scales use weight check in factory and overhead crane

The Weights and Measures Regulations 2006.

Accuracy is also very important by law under the Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations 2006. ‘The average quantity system’ covers packaged goods that are sold by weight or volume and applies to both foodstuffs & non-foodstuffs for sale.

The regulations are in place to control the average quantity of batches of packaged goods. This applies to packages that are made up without the customer being present, and intended for sale in predetermined constant quantities, by weight or volume. The primary rule to adhere to here is that the ‘tolerable negative error’ must be no more than 2.5% and no package can be underweight by more than twice the TNE.

The Phenomenal Accuracy Of Webster Griffin's New Series Of Scales.

  • Next generation ‘ WEITRONIK 5 Touchscreen’  weighing controller with ultra Hi-speed microprocessor and statistical ‘feedback’ analysis.
  • ‘Dual channel’ bulk product dosing conveyors, with servo motor control of feeding gates to allow for variations in product’s flow characteristics.
  • Trapezoid construction of weigh pan ensures 100% material discharge.

Management data now available from all Webster Griffin weigh scales: Logging of all weighment & statistical data by CSV from ‘WEITRONIK 5 Touchscreen’ to clients network by ethernet TCP/IP.


Accuracy Provided By Webster Griffin –
Even When Handling Sticky ‘Moist Meaty Chunks‘

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