What Are The Disadvantages Of Big Bag Filling Systems?


How To Decide If A Big Bag Filling System Is Suitable For My Business

Investing in the right Big Bag filling system will save you time and money while increasing your productivity. However, investing in one that doesn’t meet your needs means you’ll forgo these benefits or fall behind on your commitments. 

If you’re considering investing in one, you should know that they aren’t suitable for every business. Here’s how you can tell if a Big Bag filling system will suit your business.


When Is A Big Bag Filling Station Not Suitable?

Big Bag filling stations are versatile and have relatively few limitations in terms of what they can and can’t fill. They can fill dense and light materials and a range of particle sizes and temperatures. They can also handle grains, powders, pellets, flakes, chips or fibres. Most Big Bag systems can handle friable, corrosive, abrasive, hazardous, explosive or flammable products. 


The only restriction with most Big Bag filling systems is that they can’t fill liquids — although they can work with moist, non-free flowing materials.

Just because your product is compatible with a Big Bag filling station doesn’t mean that it will automatically suit your business. A machine that’s too big for your floor space is going to pose a hazard.

It might lack the appropriate headroom and surrounding space, which could cause worker injuries and Installation problems.

One that can’t operate 24/7 won’t increase your productivity if you’re trying to increase your output — and you’ll fall behind if it can’t meet your required hourly output.

Additionally, a machine that’s not fully or semi-automatic might require more workers than you have available.

Added Benefits Of Big Bag Filling Systems

Once you’ve determined that a Big Bag filling system is compatible with your needs, it helps to check if it also performs any other added functions that you’ll benefit from.

If you’re filling by weight or volume, a batch controller and controllable valve will provide precise measurements. An extraction vent will guarantee dust-free filling and containment when filling powders. A densification or vibration function will settle aerated products with a de-aeration function removing any excess air.

If you’ll be dealing with varying bag heights, a height adjustment feature will be helpful. The system should be able to adjust to fill different bag weights and types of free flowing product.


Tailoring Your Big Bag Filling System To Your Needs

While some factors might make a Big Bag filling system incompatible for your business, other issues can be worked around. Many filling systems can be made mobile or integrate an access system if required.

You might need a take away roller conveyor that operates using a motor, or gravity. You could also require different finish specifications for different support frames, materials and non-contact surfaces.

The business designing your system for you should ensure that it’s modular, so you can build on in future. Webster Griffin can tailor your Big Bag filling system to your needs, or advise you if a different machine would better suit your demands. To find the optimal solution for your business, contact us today.


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