What Is The Most Compact High Speed Bulk Bag Filling Machine Available?

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What Is The Most Compact High Speed Bulk Bag Filling Machine Available?

What Is The Most Compact High Speed Bulk Bag Filling Machine Available?


Hit The Ground Running

Around the world, lockdown measures are easing. It means that for the first time in months many manufacturers across the USA, EU and UK are seeing a jump in demand and the need to ramp up their output. If you’re a business manufacturing and packaging products in Big Bags, you’ll be wanting to resume high speed production as soon as possible.

A natural step would be to expand your current facilities for one bigger and better equipped. However, moving premises can be costly, time consuming and impractical. A better option would be to upgrade your Big Bag filling systems with a modern model that performs more functions, at a faster pace and in less space.

Here are what Big Bag compact filling machines are available and how to choose one that will meet your business’s needs.

What Big Bag Filling Machines Are Available & What Size Are They?

When it comes to a system that’s compact and modular, we recommend the IBC-PF2 Big Bag filling machine. It fills solid materials ranging from foods and aggregates to minerals and plastics.

It’s the perfect space saving solution that businesses can start off with, as it’s easy to install and can easily be expanded on in the future. In addition to taking up just 2 by 2 square metres, it requires less headroom than other Big Bag filling machines. However, its bagging speed is limited to between 5 and ten bags an hour. Medium and high speed filling machines exist, offering speeds of 10 to 30 bags per hour (via a 4.5 x 6.0 machine) and 30 to 90 bags per hour at (via a 4.5 x 8.5 machine).


Many machines perform dual functions that further save space. The IBC-PF2 does this by weighing and filling bags at the same time. It also monitors each bag’s weight for accuracy, subtracting the pallet’s weight so you’re presented with just the bag's weight.

Building On Your Big Bag Filling Machine

Even if you do select a larger Big Bag filling machine, most can be customized to perform additional functions that could save space in your facilities. 

For example they can include empty bag inflators, dosers and automatic bag topping up via a spout. Spouts can be equipped with inflatable collars to prevent product wastage. Many machines also employ patented semi-suspension technology to ensure that each bag is neat and stable when packaged.

These neatly shaped bags help you more space by being easier to palletise and stack. Fully automatic Big Bag filling machines can eliminate manual labour by reducing the hands required for operation.


Finding A Solution That Works For You

Juggling your filling needs against the space you’re working with can be challenging.

You want a machine that optimises the space you have available but that won’t take added time and effort to operate.

You’ll also need it to fill your Big Bags at the required speeds to meet your desired production output. Webster Griffin can assist you with this, so get in touch with us today.

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