When Is A Mobile Big Bag Filling System Appropriate?


Understanding Your Requirements.

Your business needs a Big Bag or FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) filling system. However you’ve noticed that some suppliers let you choose a stationary system or a mobile one mounted on wheels or a subframe that a forklift can move around. If you aren’t sure which option would be best for your business, here are a few questions you can ask to make the answer more apparent.

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Do I Need To Move My Big Bag Filling System?

Not all businesses fill, package and palletise products in one location. You might need to move your products to where they’re packaged and loaded for transportation. This is common when you dispatch goods via ship, store them off-site or when they have to be loaded into a vessel for transport. A stationary machine would add hours to process. With a mobile system you can fill bags at their final destination.


Do I Need A Compact Big Bag Filling System?

Not all businesses have space to spare, and it might not be practical to upgrade to a bigger facility. A filling machine that takes up less square footage can be useful here. It can be stored away when not in use or moved to fill products in different parts of your factory. It can even operate in another location entirely. Some machines also come with low headroom, making it the perfect application for low ceiling spaces.


What Materials Are Mobile Big Bag Filling Systems Best Suited For?

Mobile Big Bag fillers can fill any product that a stationary machine can. While it can fill dry or moist products, it cannot fill liquids. Keep in mind that if your product is aerated and prone to dispersal, you might need a machine that offers dust free filling which would require a dust tight inflatable collar and a dust extraction unit.

How Much Do I Need To Pack With My Big Bag Filling System?

Your mobile filling system’s capacity will depend on the make and model chosen. That being said, they have the capacity to offer surprisingly fast filling speeds and accommodate a wide range of bag sizes. For example, Webster Griffin's IBC-MB (mobile Bulk Bag filling model) can fill bags ranging from 500 kg to 1000 kg at a high speed of 60 bags an hour.

Do Your Filled Bags Need To Be Stored For A While?

Depending on what product you manufacture, your factory location and how far your product travels to reach clients you might need a system that makes storage easier. This will apply to you if you sell products with a long shelf life or palletise them for transportation. This system might need a pallet handling system. This can include automated pallet rolling chain conveyors to move bags between areas and a sheet applicator for protecting stacked sensitive goods.

Asking yourself the above questions will help pinpoint which option you should choose. However if you still have questions that need answering, you can contact Webster Griffin to find out everything you need to know about mobile Big Bag filling systems.

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