How to Automate Your Logistics At Your Business?

As someone who oversees a warehouse or factory, you’ll know that time is often as valuable as money. Your logistics (if planned and executed correctly) can streamline and improve your business’s processes and responsiveness. It can reduce or remove existing bottlenecks, and if you take advantage of the latest technologies, you can also ensure your business remains competitive in today’s market.

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are a popular choice when it comes to automating logistics in businesses. They often take the place of forklift trucks or other manually operated machines that move and arrange pallets and packaged products for storage and transportation.


What Benefits Do AGVs Provide?

AGVs operate without needing hands on operation and can operate without taking a break. This means your business can immediately increase production and execute tasks without the presence of skilled workers. It also eliminates the costs of hiring an operator. As a result, you’ll recoup its investment cost more quickly.

AGVs make fewer errors and require less downtime. It means you can look forward to improved reliability in terms of meeting commitments as they’re less likely to hold up production. They’ll also ensure your workplace is safer and less prone to accidents or quality issues. 

Here’s how else AGVs could practically improve your business’s intralogistics.

How AGVs Can Improve Your Production Flexibility

AGVs can help you structure your production processes and spaces more flexibly. They’re especially suited to operating in storage areas as they can usually manage different sizes and types of loads and pallets. It’s easy to have multiple AGVs working in one space. Each one can operate at the same time but independently, while you centrally manage their navigation.

Their safety functions will stop or slow them if they encounter obstructions or pedestrians. You can also control their speeds and routes so they don’t enter unsafe areas or areas where other machines are working. On top of all of this, each AGV will constantly generate performance data that you can refer back to for insights on improving your performance.

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How AGVs Can Optimise Your Warehouse/Factory Navigation/Route Mapping

Using optimisation algorithms, you can design a path or route layout where each AGV one travels the shortest possible distance with minimal overlap and maximum effectiveness. You can also ensure that each AGV completes all its pick ups and drop offs in as little time as possible and that multiple jobs are combined into a single trip.

If executed correctly, this will ensure that tasks are allocated efficiently and logically and that if need be, you can scale up production by introducing more AGVs. It should also be flexible enough to adapt to constant changes in your space.

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Using AGVs In Your Warehouse Or Factory Space

The exact time and money savings your AGV will afford you will depend on many factors, including the layout of your space, how many aisles are present, and how many machines you'll have at your disposal. A custom solution will help you tailor your AGV to your business and its specific demands. To do so, make sure you partner with an experienced AGV supplier like Webster Griffin.

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