Webster Griffin Ships Out Latest Palletizing System To LKAB Minerals


LKAB Decide To Upgrade Their Manufacturing Process With Webster Griffin's Duplex Palletising System.

LKAB is a Swedish high-tech mining and mineral group that mines and processes local iron ore for sale to its subsantial European market and beyond.

When faced with growing demands for their high grade Calcium Carbonate “Ultracarb” product, LKAB contracted Webster Griffin to install a high speed robot palletising system which would give them precision palletising and double their productivity.


LKAB Minerals commissioned Webster Griffin for the Installation of a AI700 Okura palletising Robot with reversing conveyors. The palletiser will be receiving 25 kg sacks from two existing bagging machines and automatically stacking them onto the two pallets which are then conveyed into the packing position and then away for distribution and the end consumer. The operator can create new stacking programs, edit existing stacking programs and modify the stacking patterns directly from the touch screen of the full colour 9” HMI control Panel.

LKAB Minerals now have access to a fully automatic duplex palletising system allowing for increased throughput and reduced labour requirements for the production line. The Hi-Tech state of the art system ensures neat and square pallets that are suitable for transportation globally.