What Are The 3 Major Packaging Trends To Watch Out For In 2022?


Packaging Machinery & Palletising Automation Trends To Look Out For In 2022

The beginning of the year is the best time for your business to re-evaluate its processes to keep them aligned with consumer behaviour changes and help you streamline your workflow. One area that changes are expected to take place in is product packaging and packaging machinery. You may have heard that there are automated tools (such as automatic robot palletisers) available to you that help you reduce your packaging costs and complications while increasing your efficiency and throughput. If you aren’t sure what changes you can expect in 2022 and what solutions they might require, here are three major packaging trends worth looking out for.

Clean, Contamination Free Operations

#1 - Clean, Contamination-free Operations

The Covid-19 pandemic has been ongoing for a few years now and even though lockdowns have lifted in most parts of the world, the virus has permanently changed how we approach product packaging.

It's never been more important for food or personal use products to be packaged in a way that's sanitary, tamper-proof and prevents contamination. In 2021, demand from restaurants and food-service outlets dramatically changed as the pandemic caused them to shut down.

Globally, consumers are stockpiling and panic purchases of food, beverages, and home-care necessities, increasing the demand for protective packaging. To keep up with this demand, businesses should consider switching to automated, hands-off packaging machinery that operates with closed structures.

How your business approaches this need will depend on your unique requirements and the nature of the product you're packaging. This can mean pre-wrapping products or integrating a packaging solution earlier in the production line. It can also include tracking and labelling solutions that allow product and batch to be tracked regardless of its final location. Doing so will not only give your customers and clients added peace of mind but will also help reduce possible outbreaks taking place in your factories and keep your workforce safe.

Pre-wrapping and lablelling
Tracking Labels

#2 - Increased Focus On Automation

Automation is going to become a larger aspect of product packaging. Not only can this help create a more hygienic packing line, but it can also help address labour shortage, the need for a safer work environment for your workers and increase manufacturing speeds and efficiency. This can take the form of robotic palletisers equipped with machine learning technology that allows them to learn from your past inputs and palletising patterns. It can also include machinery that performs high volume or repetitive functions, freeing up staff to focus on more detailed or specialised work.

Automating Palletising

Automating your palletising functions via a robot can take up less floor space than a traditional palletising solution. It can also help you palletise your products more safely, without involving workers in the process. This can keep them from performing the repetitive palletising tasks that cause repetitive strain injuries.​

#3 - More Sustainable Packaging Choices

Customers have never been more aware of how traditional plastics impact the environment. Businesses wanting to appeal to these customers should invest in sustainable bag packaging materials that can adequately protect their products while being recyclable or reusable, as well as packaging machinery that reduces excess packaging waste.

“A push towards recycled plastics, a reduction in plastics usage and more innovative ways to package products will be key drivers for all businesses in 2022.” Matt Dass, MD.

Sustainable Packaging Choices

Improved packaging machinery options are often compatible with lighter materials and a wider range of packaging sizes. They also often integrate flexible packaging or Form Fill Seal capabilities that accommodate different bag sizes with a single film roll.

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing packaging and palletising set-up or want a completely new solution, it’s possible to use machinery to keep up with today’s packaging trends in an affordable and practical way. As leaders in customising Turnkey packaging solutions for a range of clients around the world, Webster Griffin can provide your business with the latest specialist equipment. Contact our team today to see how we can help automate your workflow.


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