Webster Griffin’s Complete System Refurbishment


Revive Your Packing Line, Refurbishments Extend The Lifespan Of Your System/Machine For Many Years

After many years of service, some of the electrical and pneumatic components can become obsolete over time. Rather than struggling to source these parts from a third-party supplier or repair obsolete parts yourself. We offer a complete hassle-free refurbishment service which extends the lifespan of your bagging machine for many more years.

You can save money by just replacing components such as control panels, mechanical parts, air cylinders, etc, instead of purchasing a new bagging system. This has saved our customers thousands, we believe it’s a worthy investment for any manufacturer that wants to keep costs down and bring their system up to the current standards.

We Update Your Electrical Control Panels So You Don't Have To



We Also Update Your Pneumatic Control Panels to The Latest Technology


1. Neumatic-Panel

Less Buttons, More Minimalism. The New Control System Integrates The Weigher Within The Panel & An Intuitive PLC Touch Screen For Ease Of Usage



You May Be Wondering What Happens During A Refurb?

The bagging machine usually requires little to no modification. First, we take out the existing control systems, we then replace these with modern contemporary components. In a refurbishment you will get a new weighing system, control panel and pneumatic panel.

The system will run more efficiently because internally it has the latest parts and technology. Some of our customers have also reported an improvement in performance.

Why You Should Consider A Refurbishment

By updating the control systems, you can extend the lifespan of you bagging machine. We upgrade your software and hardware so it performs like a brand new system again, who doesn’t want that?

Webster Griffin has decades of experience in working with a diverse range of clients and projects. We know that every project has its own unique problems and rewards.

This gives us a holistic view of your business. We use this view to provide you with a packaging solution which delivers the performance you want today, and that you can grow with tomorrow.