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Products That You Can Store In FIBC Bags

FIBC bags (also known as jumbo, bulk or big bags or super sacks) describe any industrial container made of flexible fabric. They’re usually made from woven plastic fibres like polypropylene or PVC.

When it comes to filling them, they can store agricultural products like flour or grains; animal feed and pet food; chemical powders; construction products like sand and cement; dry foods like sugar and nuts as well as mining products like coal and ore.

What To Consider Before Selecting A Machine

Before you make your final selection, you’ll need to know what kind of FIBC bag you’ll be dealing with. This includes details on its dimensions, weight and height. You’ll also need to consider your pallet size, transport method and your customer needs.

If you aren’t sure which one would best suit your business, you should work with an expert in pairing the right machines with businesses based on their budget, capacity and requirements.

Webster Griffin has the experience to help guide your decision, so why not get in touch with us for advice?

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