What Are The Best Bagging Machines For Minerals?


Demand For Processed Minerals Is Expected To Grow Exponetially By 2030

The world’s mining market focuses on extracting metals, coal, stone and raw mineral carbonates. Global demand for carbonic acid salts such as lithium carbonate, potassium, magnesia, sodium sulphite, hydrated lime, talc, bromide, dolomite, silica sand, quartz, copper, ferrous and aluminium will exceed $7.1 billion by 2030. This is thanks to their increased usage in producing solvents for coatings, cleaning agents, and adhesives as well as producing catalysts, cleaners, electrolytes and additives.

Choosing A World Class Bagging Machine For Minerals?

If you’re mining, quarrying, crushing and calcinating and micronized carbonates into fine powder you’ll want a bagging machine for minerals combined with a robot palletiser for minerals to prepare your packaged products for distribution. Here’s what you should know about your options when it comes to choosing solutions for Form Fill Seal / FFS bagging for minerals.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Minerals In A Range Of Volumes:

These mineral FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


This fully automatic machine offers FFS bagging for minerals. It can fill powdered minerals into bags up to 50kg in size and at speeds of up to 1500 bags hourly. It’s a popular choice when you’re looking for a bagging machine for minerals, whether they be powders or micro-granulates. It allows for these products to be precisely weighed in a dust-free and cleaner environment with reduced product loss due to more controlled filling and storage.

This automatic open-mouth bagging machine fills bags weighing up to 50kgs at speeds of up to 600 bags or sacks hourly. It’s often used to fill minerals in bags as it's strong enough to withstand contact with potentially corrosive minerals without compromising on speed or performance. It also saves time and ensures accuracy by filling and weighing the product at the same time. Dust extractors can be installed on all models to ensure dust-free operation.

This Big Bag filling machine can package minerals in amounts ranging from 500kg to 1500 tons at speeds between 30 and 60 bags hourly depending on product density and other variables. It self-adjusts for different bag sizes and reliably and safely fills, discharges, and stores bulk minerals. It does so in a manner that prevents contamination, protects against chemical and physical damage and makes transportation easier. The IBC PF4 also uses a vibration table to compact and settle the product at different stages in the filling cycle. It comes with a manual locking ring to seal the filling spout ensuring zero product wastage.

Preparing Your Minerals For Packaging And Distribution

Once packaged, your mineral products can be automatically palletised and stacked in a suitable pattern using a robot palletiser for minerals. Following this, each pallet can be stretch wrapped using highly elastic plastic film to ensure load stability during transportation. 

Packaging, palletising and protecting your minerals doesn’t have to involve a complex solution. It’s possible to work with packaging machinery specialists with the ability to design and manufacture complete turnkey packaging solutions for minerals that cover the production cycle from analysing your product’s density and flow to palletising it and distributing it to the end client or consumer.

Why Webster Griffin?

Webster Griffin can assist you in this regard. We can offer you a wide range of weighing machines, bagging machines, packaging machines, palletisers and wrappers for handling minerals. For more information contact us today.


Minerals Case Study

Adwan has been a loyal, returning client of Webster Griffin with several separate orders for Big Bag Filling systems that have been placed over the years. Webster Griffin was selected to provide a system that could increase their output and production.

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