What Are The Best Powder Bagging Machines?


What Are The Best Powder Bagging Machines? 

Free-flowing powders are a critical component of a wide range of products and need to be handled and processed in a specific way to prevent flow issues. Packaging powders is a common area of concern as it can lead to settling, compacting, poor blending and a lack of uniformity in palletised bags.

When packaging free-flowing powders you might deal with a wide range of density, cohesion, moisture content and external factors like temperature, humidity and hold time can also impact your packaging efforts.  Several choices are available when it comes to automatic bagging for granular powders, Form Fill Seal or FFS bagging for powders a robot palletiser for powders, here’s what you need to know.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Powder In A Range Of Volumes:

These powder FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


This fully automatic machine manufactures bags from polyethylene pre-printed film in sizes up to 50kgs and at speeds of up to 1500 bags hourly. It’s a popular choice for FFS bagging for powders as it has several modifications that make it well suited to filling powder products, including a deaeration and an air evacuation system. This system ensures each package is free from air or moisture, extending its shelf life.

This automatic open-mouth bagging machine can fill bags up to 50kgs in weight at a throughput of up to 600 bags per hour. It’s a common choice for businesses wanting automatic bagging for granular powders as it’s equipped to minimise product wastage and ensure a safer working environment thanks to its dust-tight filling spout and the perfect bag closure. This is produced through various methods including bag top stitching and heat sealing.

This Big Bag filling machine packages powders in quantities between 500kg and 1500 tons at speeds between 30 and 60 bags hourly. It's suited to filling powders for food ingredients as it's available in food-grade models. It's also available in ATEX versions for a safer working environment and prevents explosions. This machine can cleanly and accurately fill dusty and light powders with its pressure balance control and integrated deaeration system. Its hopper's Archimedean evacuation screws allow for deaeration and prevent rat holes and as it uses a dust-tight inflatable collar to ensure no particles escape during the filling process. Filling is waste-free and safer as the bag's nitrogen is safely vented back into the circuit by automatically modulated valves.

Preparing Your Powder For Packaging And Distribution

Once packaged, powders can be wrapped and palletised using automatic and a robot palletiser for powders. This ensures that each bag remains clean and tightly packed. Accurately stacking them via robotic machinery instead of manually by hand also means they're protected against damage and make the best use of the leading space available save time during handling and transport and ensure the pallets themselves remain stable.

Where To Find An All In One Packaging And Palletising Solution

To ensure your business can safely, accurately and cost-effectively fill its powder products you  can turn to Webster Griffin for a custom packaging and palletising solution. Even If you’re looking for advice on packaging your powder products, contact us today for assistance, we’re more than happy to help guide you.


Powder Case Study

Anbros Industries wanted to increase output through the full automation of their palletising system for calf milk replacement powder. To meet the requirements set out by Anbros. Webster Griffin recommended the installation of two Okura A700V Robot Palletisers more than capable of achieving the established capacity.

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