What Are The Best Bagging Machines For Packaging Animal Feed


Bagging Solutions For Animal Feed Manufacturers & Suppliers

Animal feed has always been in demand and with the world's current feed production estimated at over a billion tons annually, it won't be slowing anytime soon. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that by 2050 meat production will grow by 70%, aquaculture by 90% and dairy by 55%.

Feed manufacturers wanting to keep up with this demand will need to scale up their production. This means considering an automatic, high speed animal feed Form Fill Seal (FFS) Bagging solution. Here’s why open mouth bagging for animal feed (amongst other filling solutions) and a robot palletiser for animal feed can accomplish this.

What Animal Feeds Can Be Processed With Bagging Machines?

Animal feeds typically combine low protein feed and inexpensive but low nutrient roughage with cereal grains, high protein meal and palatable carbohydrates. Manufacturers process the feed into pellets,  and mash as well as crushed bran, granules and flakes to make it easier and safer to store and more economical to dispense.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Animal Feed In A Range Of Volumes:

These animal feed FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


For clients who need to bag animal feed in polyethylene bags The FFS Velocity 1000 is a low cost high production system that can fill bags with dry pellets, solids and flakes weighing between 5kg - 50kg at a rate of 1000 bags an hour. It uses a flat film roll to form tube shaped bags with overlapping back seals to force air out and prevent moisture from entering. It also creates tightly packed bags thanks to its patented “semi-suspension” filling mechanism and de-earates each bag to make it light and dustproof.

The ABS 250 is a fully automatic bag and sack filling machine that can fill open mouth bags made from paper, woven polypropylene and PE bags ranging from between 5kg - 50kg at a rate of 250 bags an hour. This compact system can fill pre-made open-mouth, flat, gusseted bags with or without handles. Designed for use in harsh industrial environments, it uses vibration to settle each bag's contents. It also relies on an extractor fan and deaeration device to ensure dust free bags and a dust free operating environment. With animal feed, the usual closing system will be sewing.

The IBC-MB is a Big Bag filling system that can fill bags weighing between 500kg and one ton at a rate of 40 to 60 bags an hour depending on product density and other variables. It can fill free flowing animal feed prills, granules, pellets, crystals and grains as well as animal feed ingredients like maize, corn seed, wheat and grains. An operator can place an empty bag onto auto releasing bag hooks for filling. The system's inflatable filling spout contains any loose dust and prevents wastage during filling with an extraction system reclaiming 99.9% of the product's escaped dust.

Integrating an Animal Feed Robot Palletiser Into Your Packaging Systems

To further protect your filled animal feed bags you can palletise and wrap them. Wrapping systems pre-stretch plastic wrap around pallets to make them secure, stable and waterproof ahead of shipping and handling. Most systems integrate hydraulic lifters and converters to make the process as hands off and safe as possible. Robot palletisers can automatically dispense wooden or plastic pallets onto a conveyor or into a palletiser using heavy duty forklift capabilities.

How Can Webster Griffin Help?

Integrating a turnkey animal feed packaging and palletising system into your current operations can be simpler than you think if you work with specialists like Webster Griffin. With decades of experience in helping businesses around the world package their animal feed, we can design a system that works for your business’ needs and adds value to your operations. For more information contact us today.

Animal Feed Case Study

Webster Griffin decided that a compact yet high-speed integrated robot palletiser system was the best solution. The Okura robot palletiser is highly intelligent and accurate and combined with the Okura control software ensures that ‘precision palletising’ is achieved.

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