What Are The Best Bagging Machines For Sand?


Choosing A World Class Bagging Machine For Sand?

If you’re mining and selling silica sand products you’ll know that the product comes with unique packaging constraints, including its free-flowing nature, which can produce potentially harmful dust and lead to product wastage during packaging. It means the packaging machinery you invest in should be compatible with your existing product silos and or conveyors. Here’s why choosing the right bagging machine for sand can allow a continuous flow of product around the clock 24/7 — and how you can customise a Form Fill Seal or FFS bagging for sand and robot palletiser for sand to provide your business with a turnkey solution.

The world's industrial or silica sand market is a constantly growing one. This sand is abundantly available, has been mined for centuries worldwide and is used for metallurgical and glassmaking. These days the product is in demand for applications such as paving, filtration and casting and silica has also become a core ingredient in other products thanks to its strength and resistance to heat and chemicals.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Sand In A Range Of Volumes:

Sand products are usually packaged in volumes of 5 kg bags and heavier:


This fully automatic machine offers FFS bagging for dried and moist or wet sand. It uses a high-speed dosing system to fill sand products into gusseted or pillow bags up to 50kg in size and at speeds of up to 1500 bags hourly. It’s a popular choice for FFS bagging for sand via a machine that operates around the clock and allows for a quick changeover between grades and bag sizes of sand. The FFS Velocity 1500 also offers improved product security through dust-free bagging and robust plastic impervious bag film.

This automatic open-mouth bagging machine fills sand into bags or sacks weighing up to 50kgs at speeds of up to 600 hourly at a lower cost than other machines. It offers flexibility, allowing you to switch between filling pre-made woven polypropylene and paper bags in seconds. This type of machine also allows you to heat seal or bag top stitch filled bags and you can include bag liners for added security and more robust filled bags.

This Big Bag filling machine is created for heavy-duty use and can economically fill sand in high volumes between 500kg to 1500 tons at between 40 and 60 bags an hour. It's semi-automatic and can switch between filling and weighing any flexible intermediate bulk container. This machine can integrate a platform weigher, telescopic filler and roller conveyor to make the filling, moving and weighing process labour-free and safer for operational workers to manage.

End Of Line Packing And Distribution

It can be beneficial to consider a "Turn Key" packaging solution that covers your entire sand production cycle — from analysing the product flow to palletising the product and distributing it to the end consumer. This can include machinery that packages your products appropriately as well as a robot palletiser for sand that palletises your filled bags and sacks and an automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapper that prepares them for safe and secure distribution to your end consumer.

How Webster Griffin Can Help

If you’re looking for a packaging specialist that can design and manufacture you a packaging and palletising solution, Webster Griffin can assist. We offer clients a wide range of weighing machines, bagging machines, packaging machines, palletisers and wrappers for handling sand. For more information on how we can assist you, contact us today.

Sand Case Study

Mansfield Sand Company Limited have been in operation for over 170 years and develop and produce high quality silica sand based surfacing solutions for sport, landscaping and recreation. Bagging operations at Mansfield Sand have needed to develop rapidly with the increase in demand arising from both sales success and legislative changes over the past 10 years.

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