What Are The Best Bagging Machines For Wood Pellets?


Choosing A World Class Bagging Machine For Wood Pellets?

If you're manufacturing wood pellets, you'll want a packaging solution or bagging machine for wood pellets that offers fast speeds and reliable weighing accuracy. Here's how Form Fill Seal/ FFS bagging for pellets could meet your needs and why It’s worth considering palletising wood pellets that you’ve packaged and prepared for sale.

Wooden pellets are clean energy and fuel sources used in place of charcoal, oil and gas. They're popular for use on farms in everything from animal bedding to flooring. Made from the sawdust, shaving and offcuts produced during wood processing, wood pellets are dried and compacted to form a range of different size pellets that clients can easily handle and store. Many pellet producers have chosen to invest their resources in automatic packaging solutions, with their goal being to reduce production costs through automation and be more competitive in the market.

Here are a few options for packaging your wood pellets in a range of volumes:

These pellet FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


This machine offers FFS bagging for pellets. This means it automatically uses a roll of polyethylene film to form bags up to 50kgs in capacity at speeds of up to 1500 bags an hour. Because the integrity of wood pellets relies on having a completely dry packaging environment, this machine is a popular choice. Its deaeration and an air evacuation system keep packaged wood pellets free from air or moisture for a longer shelf life.

This open-mouth bag and sack filling machine operates around the clock and offers a higher throughput of bagging at a lower cost. It takes pre-made open mouth bags, adding handles and gussets to them to create blocked bags with a weighing accuracy of +/- 0.5%. It uses a bag vibration system to ensure each bag is filled properly and also includes a deaeration device and extractor fan to ensure clean and dust-free filling.

This Big Bag filling machine can package bulk wood pellets in volumes ranging from 500kg and 1500 tons at a rate of between 30 and 60 bags an hour. It fills cleanly using a dust tight inflatable collar and internal dust extraction. The ATEX version can also prevent the risk of explosions when handling dusty products in your working environment.It fills wood pellets without mess or wastage thanks to its pressure balance control and vibration table to settle the bagged pellets

Preparing Your Wood Pellets For Packaging And Distribution

Your packaged wood pellets will need protection as they’re distributed throughout the supply chain. You’ll want a solution for palletising wood pellets that will waterproof them and keep them in place while being transported. A robot palletiser can accomplish this with the use of an automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapper.

The right packaging solution can help you reduce your wood pellet production costs and become more competitive in the market. Webster Griffin can help you create an all-inclusive packaging solution covering your entire production cycle — including analysing your product flow, palletising your product and distributing it to the end customer. For more information, contact our team today.

Why Webster Griffin?

Webster Griffin can assist you in this regard. We can offer you a wide range of weighing machines, bagging machines, packaging machines, palletisers and wrappers for handling minerals. For more information contact us today.

Wood Pellets Case Study

Blazer Fuels enlisted Webster Griffin with their experience in bagging waste and energy products for the installation of a complete solution for a form-fill-seal bagging line. Blazer Fuels required a solution for bagging, palletising and pallet protection of their 5, 15 and 30 litre bags of wood pellets. 

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