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Choosing A World Class Bagging Machine For Pet Food?

An unexpected side effect of Covid-19 was that many people left the office to work from home full or part-time. As a result, many of them decided to get a family pet subsequently pet adoptions have surged across the globe. The pet food market has grown accordingly, and so have e-commerce sales of premium but affordably priced dry pet food. It means that pet food manufacturers will be facing increased demand and their products are travelling further than ever before. If you're one of them, we would recommend investing in a suitable pet food FFS bagging solution or a solution offering open mouth bagging for pet food — and possibly a packaging solution integrating a robot palletiser for pet food distribution. Here are your options.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Pet Food In A Range Of Volumes:

These pet food FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


The FFS Velocity is suitable for mass production runs and has a correspondingly low average production cost. It's well suited for packaging dry food pellets into bags ranging from 5kg to 50kg bags at a rate of up to 1500 bags every hour. It uses a flat film roll to continuously form tube bags for filling. An overlapping seal creates a value that allows air to escape the packaged pellets and keeps moisture out. During filling, the machine uses deaeration and air evacuation to eliminate dust. This extends your pet food's shelf life by up to 9 months.

Our Bag & Sack machines fill pre-made open-mouth, flat or gusseted bags with or without handles which are loaded into a bag feeder device from an empty bag machine. It's fully automatic and can fill bags up to 50kg in weight at speeds between 250 and 600 bags hourly. It's a good option for when you need to fill tightly packed and stable pet food cleanly. It also uses vibration to settle bags during filling. To keep the operating area clean, dust-free and free from wastage, this machine comes equipped with an extractor fan and deaeration device. Once filled, the bags can be sealed or horizontally for added security.

Big Bag Filling Machines integrate food grade components and its support frame is easy to clean. It's suitable for filling and containing abrasive and oily pet food safely and securely. It's a suitable mass packaging option as it offers a throughput of up to 30 big bags or super sacks an hour weighing up to 1250kg. It can also consistently weigh and fill fine free-flowing pet food. It also has a bag inflation device (to fully open the bag and its liner for filling), spout (for dust-free filling), clamping ring (to create an airtight seal) and angled chute (to control product flow and ensure consistent filling).

Preparing Your Pet Food For Packaging And Distribution

You might want to integrate a fully automatic end of the line palletising solution. Robot palletisers are controllable by an intuitive HMI touch screen, they self-adjust to different pallet sizes and have a pick-up hand that can be adjusted to different sizes. They produce neat well wrapped pallets. You can also produce shrink-wrapped bundles to protect pallets and products from weather and ensure their shelf appeal. This also prepares them for transportation through national logistic networks or storage in high bay warehouses.

Why Webster Griffin?

Webster Griffin can help you create an integrated solution that packages and prepares your products for sale - whether you're interested in open mouth bagging for pet food, pet food FFS bagging or a robot palletiser for pet food products. For more information, contact us today.

Pet Food Case Study

IPN needed a twenty first century solution for packing their very successful Wagg Foods range. The new system had to provide all the advantages of fully automatic packing technology and built in versatility should the line be needed for different bag weights and package sizes in the future.

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