What Is The Best Bag Packaging Machine For Soil And Compost?


What Are The Best Soil & Compost Bagging Machines? 

If you produce such products, you'll know that sending your clients attractive and securely packaged products is essential. If you're looking for a solution that involves open mouth bagging for compost or compost FFS bagging (or even a robot palletiser for compost products), here are your options. Healthy and balanced soil and compost are critical to growing crops and plants. Thanks to advances in science, soil and compost products can now offer home gardeners, greenhouses, as well as commercial and residential farmers accelerated maturity and plant and vegetation growth.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Compost In A Range Of Volumes:

These compost FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


Selecting this machine will enable you to fill compost or soil in smaller volumes of up to 50kgs. You’ll be able to keep your packaging costs to a minimum as you’ll only need a single tube of film to form a range of bag sizes. Its volumetric feeder makes it suitable for accurately dosing free-flowing products like compost and soil without any wastage. It also ensures tightly filled and stable bags thanks to its vibration and deaerating qualities.

This machine offers open-mouthed bagging for compost or soil into pre-made open-mouth, flat or gusseted bags with or without handles. It can fill bags up to 50kg between 250 and 600 bags hourly. Its strong and compact frame makes it suitable for operation in industrial environments. Although not fully automated, it is easy, safe and ergonomic to operate. It also has a filling spout and extraction system to prevent product loss and is easy to clean and effortless to operate.

When you need to package Big Bags or Bulk Bags in volumes as high as 1250kg at speeds of up to 30 bags an hour, you can choose this machine if you're looking at a high production capacity and its dosing elements are easy to clean and monitor. You can use this machine for filling abrasive, oily, fine and free-flowing compost and soil products. It's also a suitable option for forming bags in a range of formats for a range of medium and large industrial needs.

Preparing Your Soil And Compost For Packaging And Distribution

Standard packaging and filling solutions aren’t always well suited to preparing soil and compost products for distribution. For example, high moisture products run the risk of clumping and sticking — preventing free flow. Partnering with experts in creating turnkey packaging solutions can prevent this.

Why Choose Webster Griffin?

Webster Griffin can create a custom solution for you that includes an adjusted buffer hopper and volumetric belt dosing system and check weigher to control your product dosage without wastage or accidental giveaway. We can also integrate a palletising solution that gives you control over its laying patterns so you can keep the packages from being pressed or compacted. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

Compost Case Study

Bathgate Horticulture wanted turn key full automation to ensure maximum throughput and raise the productivity levels of their horticulture products line. Having analysed Bathgate Horticulture's requirements, Webster Griffin recommended a complete bagging, palletising, conveying and stretch hooding system adding options as follows:

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