What Is The Best Bagging Machine For Packaging Fish Feed Pellets?


What Is The Best Bagging Machine For Packaging Fish Feed Pellets?

In 2021, the global fish feed market was worth over 106.96 million — and it’s estimated to grow at a rate of 9.9 percent until 2027. If you’re in the commercial aquaculture business and manufacture fish feed or pellets, you’ll know that products containing fish oil and fishmeal can make the packaging process much more challenging. Whether you’re packaging your product for the retail sector in small plastic bags of 0.5kgs or are catering to the industrial fish feed sectors in volumes ranging from 500kg to 1500kg Big Bags, you’ll want to explore your fish feed FFS bagging and Robot palletising options. Here’s what you need to know about FFS bagging for fish feed and which robot palletiser to purchase for end of line fish feed distribution.

Choosing A Bagging Machine For Fish Feed Pellets

If you’re mining, quarrying, crushing and calcinating and micronized carbonates into fine powder you’ll want a bagging machine for minerals combined with a robot palletiser for minerals to prepare your packaged products for distribution. Here’s what you should know about your options when it comes to choosing solutions for Form Fill Seal / FFS bagging for minerals.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Dried And Moist Fish Feed Products:

These fish feed FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


If you want to fill fish feed in smaller volumes of up to 50kgs, Form Fill Seal is a suitable option. It can help you keep your packaging costs low by forming different bag sizes out of a single roll of film. It's suitable for packaging fish feed pellets and offering them adequate protection for long storage periods. This machine can create attractive, compact and square bags with a high weighing accuracy, with vibration and deaerating qualities to ensure a tightly filled and stable bag ready for palletisation. This fish feed FFS bagging solution has a compact and modular design that also makes it suited to a wide range of operating environments.

This Open Mouth bagging machine fills your fish feed granules or pellets into open-mouth bags at commercial volumes of up to 50kg at a rate of between 250 and 600 bags an hour. It's designed to adapt to different bag formats simply and quickly. It also removes air from filled packages and hermetically seals it to ensure it fills bags without spillage and keeps excess air out of each package. The parts in contact with the product are made from stainless steel to ensure hygiene and contamination-free operation

This Big Bag Filling machine is made from food-grade components and can withstand contact with abrasive and oily fish feed. It can package six different bag types in industrial quantities at rates of up to 30 bags an hour in weights of 500 kgs, 1000 kgs, and 1500 kgs. It uses an electronic load cell weighing system for consistent weighing and it has a height-adjustable carriage so that you can change the location of the filling spout and bag loop support arms. It also has a bag inflation device and spout for dust-free filling.

Preparing Your Fish Feed For Packaging And Distribution

You can easily integrate your chosen packaging machine or FFS bagging for fish feed with a palletiser and pallet wrapping solution to create a unified turnkey, end-to-end solution to serve your business. Integrating a robot palletiser for fish feed allows you to control the entire process from end to end. This can help reduce your costs and help you ensure your fish feed ends up in their client’s hands in good condition.

Why Webster Griffin?

If you're looking for a business that can help you integrate a system that allows you to package, palletise and protect your fish feed products, Webster Griffin can assist you. We have experience helping businesses package their fish feed and customise each solution to their needs and preferences. For more information, contact our team today.

Fish Feed Case Study

BioMar located in Grangemouth Scotland, contacted Webster Griffin in search of a new bagging line to fill 500 to 1250kg bags of pelleted fish feed. Webster Griffin have supplied over 262 systems for filling all types of chemicals, plastics, minerals, fertiliser, feeds, food ingredients and sugar into big bags and super sacks.

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