Which Bagging Machines Are Best For Packaging Granulated Sugar?

Which Bagging Machines Are Best For Packaging Granulated Sugar

Choosing A World Class Bagging Machine For Granulated Sugar?

Granulated sugar demand has been high for decades, and is set to exceed $39.68 billion by the end of 2022 and 83.51 billion by the end of 2032. It’s primarily used for confectionery and baked  goods , sweetener tablets and syrups as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To preserve its purity, granulated sugar must be transported in bags that are impermeable and insusceptible to temperature variations, water vapour/humidity and contamination, as this can lead to weight loss, mould, fermentation and the release of sugar dust. It also needs to be securely palletised to prevent slipping and shifting during transport. Here’s what you need to know about choosing an (FFS) Form Fill Seal or any bagging machine for granulated sugar or a robot palletiser for granulated sugar products.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Sugar In A Range Of Volumes:

These sugar FFS bagging options could help your business improve its productivity:


This machine allows you to package granulated sugar for retail and consumer packs in PE bags while keeping sugar’s colour and texture visible to customers if desirable. It allows manufacturers to package their sugar hygienically to meet HACCP standards and be EC compliant. This allows them to store it for intermediate buffer storage, as sugar is a seasonal product. Webster Griffin's unique technology means the deaeration and special air evacuation systems provide a water & dust proof package which extends the shelf life of your product. An in-chute metal detector and magnetic trap also prevent further contamination.

This machine can fill pre-made open-mouth bags weighing up to 50kgs, whether they're flat or gusseted or are with or without handles. It's well suited to filling sugar as it produces tightly packed bags and operates cleanly. It uses horizontal heat impulse sealing to ensure each bag is leakproof and uses a bag bottom vibration system during filling to ensure balanced filling and settled product. Some also have a deaeration device to extend the lifespan of the packaged sugar and prevent contamination.

This Big Bag filling system is mobile and can fill bags between 500kg and 1000kg in weight at a rate of 40 to 60 bags an hour. It weighs and fills each bag simultaneously to ensure weighing accuracy. It also automatically adjusts to each bag, weight, size and product density to produce a tightly packed bag. Product wastage and dust production is decreased thanks to the inflatable filling spout and it also has an extraction system to reclaim 99.9% of the product. The machine also used auto tare to subtract the weight of the bag so that only the product's weight is calculated.

Preparing Your Granulated Sugar For Packaging And Distribution

Integrating a flexible palletising solution can help further prepare your packaged sugar for sale. This can include a robot palletiser for granulated sugar, equipped with standard pallet magazines and conveyors. It also can include a plastic or semi-automatic stretch wrapping applicator to attractively protect each pallet and extend its shelf life for distribution worldwide.

Why Choose Webster Griffin?

Choosing a packaging solution that facilitates FFS bagging for granulated sugar doesn’t have to be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. If you need advice on creating a Turn Key solution that integrates granulated sugar bagging and palletising, Webster Griffin can assist you. Contact our team today to find out more.

Sugar Case Study

The Tate & Lyle refinery produces sugar 24 hours a day. Webster Griffin had to accommodate this continuous stream of refined sugar and provide around the clock consistent 24-hour bagging, flexibly handling several bag sizes and weights from 400kg to 1500kg.

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