Which Bagging Machines Can Package Plastic Pellets Or Resins? 


Bagging Solutions For Plastic Pellet Manufacturers & Suppliers

Plastic pellets are a key ingredient in many plastic products millions of people use every day and demand is set to exceed $10.25 billion in just five year’s time. With product manufacturers likely to demand larger volumes, manufacturers can increase their productivity and meet orders in a timely manner through using automatic bagging machinery to package their products. Here's how a robot palletiser combined with a plastic pellet FFS bagging machine can help you meet this demand.

What Are Plastic Pellets Used To Manufacture?

Plastic pellets are made from extracted crude oils that are heated and transformed into hydrocarbons and then combined with catalysts and additives before being extruded, melted and formed into pellets. Depending in their composition they can be made from plastics like Polypropylene (PP), Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) pellets range from 2 mm to 6 mm and can take barrel, ball disc, granule and chip forms. Their uniform shape, weight and firmness at room temperature makes them free flowing. Due to these characteristics, bagging pellets can be done at high speed. Plastic pellets are easily distributed within bags which results in a good shape of bag that is ideal for palletising. When manufacturers melt the pellets, they can be reshaped and moulded into product packaging, textiles, flooring, containers, electrical fittings, soft drink bottles, shoes, gaskets and more.

Here Are A Few Options For Packaging Your Plastics In A Range Of Volumes:

These Resin FFS Bagging Options Could Help Your Business Improve Its Productivity:


The Velocity 1500 is an automatic FFS packaging machine that can fill and seal bags ranging between 5kg - 50kg in size at a rate of 1500 bags hours. It reduces costs by using a single PE film roll to continuously and simultaneously form and fill bags and includes a valve that lets air to escape and prevents water and moisture from entering. Switching out reels takes seconds, reducing downtime and each bag can be labelled and barcoded for tracking and identification.

The ABS 1000 is an automatic bag and sack filling machine that weighs, fills and tightly packs pre-made open-mouth, flat or gusseted bags that are with or with handles weighing up to 50kg. Its gusseting device creates block appearance bags while another forms handles. Empty bags sit in a magazine before they're prepared for filling using a bag feeder device.

The IBC-PW is a Big Bag filling machine that fills FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or bulk bags from 500kg up to 1500 ton and between 30 and 60 bags an hour depending on product density and other variables. It pre-weighs the product before filling for a filling accuracy of ±0.5% and adjusts to different bag sizes and heights. It produces tightly packed and stable bags thanks to its semi-suspension filling mechanism. It also uses an auto tare functionality to calculate each bag's net weight.

Webster Griffin’s Plastic Pellet Palletising And Wrapping Solutions

An automatic bagging line for plastic pellets won’t be complete without a robot palletiser for plastic resins and automatic or semi-automatic wrappers. Robot palletisers can quickly, accurately and safely stack and move packaged products. Programmable to be highly precise and operate faster than human operators, it can adapt to different bag sizes and weights. Following this you can stretch wrap then under tension to create compact, waterproof and stable pallets for distribution and shipping.

Why Webster Griffin?

To truly save time and money while increasing your productivity you should explore fully automated solutions combining product filling and bagging, palletising and wrapping in one. Webster Griffin can create a customised solution for your business. Contact them today to explore your packaging options.


Plastic Resin Case Study

Indorama presented Webster Griffin with the following challenges: To achieve reliable, high speed bagging in an industrious work environment ensuring that Indorama can provide continuity of supply to their customers.

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