Diamond Accuracy of Webster Griffin’s Net Weighers Minimises ‘Give Away‘ for Major UK Pet Food Producer

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Diamond Accuracy of Webster Griffin’s Net Weighers Minimises ‘Give Away‘ for Major UK Pet Food Producer 

Who Are Wagg Foods?

IPN launched their first official dog food range in 1985. They are a family owned business based in Yorkshire that produces high quality pet food using high quality ingredients making it great value for money. Wagg Foods a subsidiary of IPN, caters for smaller pets with a range of pet food suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice.

Net weighing is especially important for pet food manufacturers that produce mass quantities of animal food per day. If the weight accuracy is even slightly off, they will lose thousands of pounds in 'product give away' every year.


Why Did They Require An Additional Net Weigher From Webster Griffin?

Wagg Foods a subsidiary of IPN (Inspired Pet Nutrition) moved from Topcliff to their current plant in Dalton, where they took the opportunity to upgrade their net weigher for their automatic Bag and Sack filling machine for bags weighing 15 - 17 kg. The market demand for smaller bagged pet food increased significantly meaning they needed to purchase an additional net weigher to improve throughput levels.


Why Should You Care About Product Giveaway?

No matter what type of powdered product you’re selling, you’re responsible for each package weighing what it’s supposed to weigh. Accurate weighing shows clients that you value the quality of their product and that they can trust you, while repeated inconsistency could antagonise loyal customers. High accuracy will also help reduce product giveaway. This loss can be hard to visualise when dealing with powdered or even granular products but over time even minor amounts can add up in value.

Suppliers require their net weighing to be accurate so their ‘product giveaway’ isn't too much or too little. Customers get irritated when they are short changed and given too little product and suppliers get angry when they give too much away because they’re essentially losing money.

Industrial digital scales use weight check in factory and overhead crane

The Weights and Measures Regulations 2006.

Accuracy is also very important by law under the Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations 2006. ‘The average quantity system’ covers packaged goods that are sold by weight or volume and applies to both foodstuffs & non-foodstuffs for sale.

The regulations are in place to control the average quantity of batches of packaged goods. This applies to packages that are made up without the customer being present, and intended for sale in predetermined constant quantities, by weight or volume. The primary rule to adhere to here is that the ‘tolerable negative error’ must be no more than 2.5% and no package can be underweight by more than twice the TNE.

The Phenomenal Accuracy Of Webster Griffin's New Series Of Scales.

  • Next generation ‘ WEITRONIK 5 Touchscreen’  weighing controller with ultra Hi-speed microprocessor and statistical ‘feedback’ analysis.
  • ‘Dual channel’ bulk product dosing conveyors, with servo motor control of feeding gates to allow for variations in product’s flow characteristics.
  • Trapezoid construction of weigh pan ensures 100% material discharge.

Management data now available from all Webster Griffin weigh scales: Logging of all weighment & statistical data by CSV from ‘WEITRONIK 5 Touchscreen’ to clients network by ethernet TCP/IP.


Accuracy Provided By Webster Griffin –
Even When Handling Sticky ‘Moist Meaty Chunks‘

Accuracy-Provided-by-WG 2

Modulo Auto Bagger For Resealable Pouches

Modulo Auto Bagger For Resealable Pouches

foto EVA 1
foto EVA 2

Webster Griffin have added the Modulo Auto Bagger for Re-sealable Pouches to our range of Bag and Sack filling machines. It is a fully automatic machine with high speed operation making it ideal for short, special batch runs.

The newly built dosing packing line for resealable pouches allows the easy processing of various pouches and a great variety of sizes: from 5 - 20kg, allowing for maximum versitility of use and high production runs.

Although the large carbon steel structure is aesthetically pleasing, it is also very robust and stable. It has a single bag peeling system, with continious rotation and complete centering device. The bag translation system can be moved to speed up production considerably, and the system has few moving parts to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Modulo Bagger For Pet Food & Powder

Modulo Auto bagger the ‘Master of Flexibility’

Modulo Bagger For Pet Foods & Powders

Webster Griffin have added the Modulo Auto Bagger to our range of Bag and Sack filling machines. It is a fully automatic machine with high speed operation making it ideal for short, special batch runs.

It has been built to meet the specific requirements of the pet food industry, for example the Modulo Bagger makes it ’quick & easy’ to switch from one bag format to another and it has been designed with fewer moving parts for a hygienic and clean operating experience.

The machine is highly flexible so that it can keep up which current market trends in packaging design, size and shape within the pet food sector.

Webster Griffin’s Demo AGV Arrives In Brooklands Park

Webster Griffin's Demo AGV Arrives On-Site

AGV manual mode

Webster Griffin take stock of their first Demo AGV so that custumers can see just how easy they are to implement and operate in your factory.

Driverless pallet trucks are self-sufficient and suitable for performing a multitude of complex repetitive tasks, like connecting production lines with your warehouse, cold store, loading bay and ideal for collating and marshaling pallets for quarantine or dispatch.

Our AGVs link your factory together – but cost less to operate than your existing manually driven fork trucks. An AGV solution from Webster Griffin can be operational within 5-6 weeks.

Webster Griffin Donate Dog Food To Local Dog Rescue Charity

Webster Griffin Donate Dog Food To Local Dog Rescue Charity


During an Installation with Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN). We were supplied with sacks of dog food for testing. Wagg Foods were unable to take the product back into their supply chain so we decided to give it to the people who need it more!

We contacted a local charity - Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, who were delighted to get the call and sent one of their drivers to come and collect the dog food from us.


Packed With Know How | Looking Back 10 Years


Founded in 1975, Webster Griffin has established itself as a renowned supplier of machinery and robotics to the packaging industry. In this article, we turn back the time to contemplate the various technological advances Webster Griffin have made in the packaging industry.

Robot Pallet Trucks - Webster Griffin

AGV’s Help Make More ‘Dough’ For Unibake.

AGV’s Help Make More ‘Dough’ For Unibake.

International Bakery Supplier Automates Production With AGVs.


International Bakery Supplier Automates Production With AGVs.

International Bakery Supplier Automates

Production With AGVs.

The Danish company Lantmännen Unibake has instantaneously streamlined its production process after implementing an AGV solution. The company’s trialling period of using the driverless forklift truck means that the bread producer can be confident in knowing our AGVs can deliver consistent results on a daily basis.

Lantmännen Unibake were looking for a way to automate repetitive processes around the factory whilst reducing labour costs to consequently save money and streamline it’s production area.

Lantmannen01 edit
Lantmannen02 edit
Lantmannen03 edit

The company had been unable to find the right solution until the Plant Manager - Søren Kristensen, was presented with our proposal: “We had seen many solutions over the past few years, but never such a simple solution as this, which we’ve now decided on. And it is definitely preferable in a production process like ours.”

Lantmännen heard about our demo-concept, which enables companies to try out one of our Self-Driving Forklift Trucks over a three-month period to see the various ways it can help streamline your business. According to Søren Kristensen, this valuable concept gave them the confidence to try out our AGV solution in its own production environment to clarify whether it would meet their needs before purchasing. The Plant Manager says that Implementing the AGV was an easy process. “AGVs are very easy to install and set in motion, which is very advantageous for us".

To Find Out More About How Our AGVs Can Help Automate Your Business.

Webster Griffin’s Packing Solutions For Fish Feed

Fish Farmer Article


We are based in Crowborough in East Sussex, and have been manufacturing equipment for packing fish feed and Salmon food into all types of bags for over 20 years. If you think that our packing solutions could benefit your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we would be happy to help.

The Palomat Removes Work Injury Hazards At Tulip

Palomat Greenline

Tulip Removes Work Injury Hazards Using The Palomat®

The manual lifting of pallets has been eliminated at the Shipping Department of the Tulip retail packing centre in Herning (DK). Pallet handling is now automated with a PALOMAT® Greenline. This has created better workflow, which has also ended related work injuries.

The employees at Tulip’s Shipping Department were sceptical at first when Factory Manager Dennis Harder Sørensen introduced a new Greenline pallet magazine from PALOMAT®. However, after a short period of time, the employees were very happy with the automated pallet stacker/ de-stacker.

The department handles up to six tonnes of pallets a day, which previously had to be lifted manually and it was taking a physical toll on employees.

Previously the pallets had to be tipped manually from a stack of 12–13 pallets, which was physically strenuous for our employees. Fortunately, that’s now a thing of the past, because now have a fully automated palletising system that has removed the heavy lifting."

The factory manager says that the new palletising system has of course changed the employees’ workflow but we have retained the same volume as before. The Greenline pallet magazine is actually a cheap solution, and it is a valuable investment for our employees, who now have a better working environment, where they are exposed to fewer work injuries.


No more work injuries

Greenline is a fully automated pallet magazine that handles all pallets at floor level. All employees need to do is insert or remove the empty pallets using a forklift truck or hand pallet truck, and the palletising system does the stacking and destacking.

The employees in Tulip’s Shipping Department had previously experienced back injuries. This included production employee Jonas Christensen, who was forced to stay at home at the beginning of 2018 because of an injured back. He is already back working in the department, where he is benefiting from the new pallet magazine:

Before I would get tired after a long working day but this here – it just works. I don’t have a sore back anymore and I don’t even feel any discomfort after my accident. I’m really satisfied with the new pallet magazine here on the site. It‘s not very often you see a new machine being well received, but this one was". Says Jonas Christensen.

 Dennis Harder Sørensen thinks the automated palletising system has eliminated the risk of back injuries at Tulip’s Shipping Department and has resulted in employees who are more satisfied.

The pallet magazine minimises inconvenience and prevents potential injuries among our employees, who also tell us that they are less tired when they return home from work. So overall, the automation of pallet handling has created a better working environment at our factory and given us happier employees", says Dennis Harder Sørensen.


Solution: PALOMAT® Greenline

  • Space for 15 EUR-pallets
  • All stacking/de-stacking takes place at floor level
  • 100 % electric – 230 W plug and play solution

PALOMAT® Greenline benefits at Tulip:

  • An improved working environment
  • Employees who are more satisfied
  • Reduced number of work injuries
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