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Robot Pallet Trucks

Our  ‘driver-less’ AGV Robot trucks are fully automatic, ideal for performing a multitude of complex repetitive tasks, like connecting production lines with your warehouse and marshalling pallets for quarantine.

They are safe  & ‘self-navigating – and can be installed in your factory in just 5 days.

Economic, Self-funding, User-Friendly Technology

Big Bag Filling

All big bag filling lines are in some way unique. Product type, packaging and customer specifications are all important design factors. Being suppliers of systems to all industry sectors, we have developed proven approaches to the bagging of all types of dry bulk solid, from powders and pellets to chips and flakes, into every type of Super Sack and FIBC (Flexible or Fabric, Intermediate Bulk Container). Since 1990 we have completed over 280 big bag filling projects each presenting us with a unique challenge.

Form Fill Seal Bagging


Webster Griffin's range of fully automatic Form Fill Seal Bagging machines gives you the option of running your bagging line around the clock without having operators constantly in attendance. This approach offers high speed, cost effective automation.

Bag & Sack Filling

Our range of fully and semi-automatic bagging machines is comprehensive. We have the technology to pack your powder into any type of pre-made bag. Permutations of this widely used design are available to suit any specific application - whether simple food ingredients or corrosive chemicals.

Baling Machines

If you ship your product in compressed bales our ‘auto- baler’ is the logical solution. This machine is ideal for ‘non-stop' packing of organic products like alfalfa, high fibre horse feed, cattle silage and chopped grass & wood shavings.

Palletising: Cartons & Cases

Palletizing: Cartons & Cases

Webster Griffin is the UK distributor for Okura’s world-beating range of robot palletisers. These machines are CE certified, well-proven and user-friendly. Okura’s unique OXPA ‘self - teach’ controller means pallet stacking programmes can be created and modified directly from a laptop, either by trained operators or our own engineers.

Palletising: Bags & Sacks

Palet Conveying & Handling

Okura Technology combined with Webster Griffin know-how. We have been installing and servicing Okura palletizing robots since the turn of the century. Renowned for their outstanding reliability and very adaptable to a huge range of packaging types and sizes, these robots are a compact, cost-effective, flexible method of totally automating your palletising line.

Pallet Conveying & Handling

An interchangeable range of modular, heavy-duty pallet conveyors, pallet turn-tables, pallet stackers and pallet de-stackers is available either as individual assemblies or as part of an integrated system with controls and cabling supplied ready for installation at your production site.

Pallet Wrapping, Banding & Hooding

We install and support automatic pallet stretch wrappers and pallet strapping lines with our Italian supply partners Unitech. This relationship means we can provide the solution to any pallet wrapping and or strapping problem. We also work with Metral Endurance pallet stretch hooding.

Total Solutions

Total Solutions

Webster Griffin engineer integrated bagging lines and carton and bag palletising systems combining as many stages in the packaging process as necessary. We work with you during every stage of your project - from concept design and installation and commissioning in your factory - to training and service and support packages.

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