Bag & Sack Filling

The ABS 250 is a fully automatic bag and sack filling machine suitable for pre-made open-mouth, flat, gusseted, with or with handles. The system is suitable for a wide range of applications for solid materials. 

The automatic bagging machine proposed in its basic version, with dosing by volume or by weight with vertical screw, a simple and effective system already used with the smallest packages. 

The same automatic bagging machine described above with net weighing. The scale has a "turbine" feeding system with flow variator to ensure a fast packaging and the maximum weight accuracy even with the most different formats. Vibrating device to reduce product volume during and after filling. 


  • Throughput:  Up to 300 Bags an Hour
  • Bag Size: 5 - 50 Kg. 
  • Bag Type: Open mouth, flat, gusseted, with or without handles. 
  • Material: Paper, PE-coated, PE, Rafia
  • Bag Dimensions: 180 x 300 min, 600 x 1150 max
  • Control: PLC Controlled Functionality with Colour Screen with symbols for easy operation including display of live working data.
  • Model Painting: Polyurethane or Epoxy
  • Only one annual service required 
  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and presents the capability to expand the system further
  • Requires low headroom
  • Simultaneous bag weighing and filling - the bag weight is constantly monitored during ensuring accuracy
  • Tightly packed stable bags
  • Clean operation
  • Corrosive resistant paint finish
  • Simple menu-driven operator controls, providing production information, alarms and fault finding
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction, with film unwinding system. 
  • CE marked and certified. 


Amongst many other applications.

  • Machinery designed for harsh environments 
  • Gusseting device for block appearance bags
  • Handle forming device
  • Heat Impulse sealing device (vertical and horizontal), with temperature regulated electronically, with special system to control the sealing system.
  • Strong constructed mainframe
  • Empty bag-magazine
  • Bags feeder device
  • Bag vibration system during filling phase
  • Opening bags device
  • Bags Conveyor 
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Stickers, Direct print with application of sewing
  • Extractor fan
  • Disaeration device
  • Bag botton vibration system during filling operation

Installed Power: 9 kW

Operating Pressure: 6 bar

Motor Protection: 55 IP

Electric Protection: 55 IP

Compressed Air: Clean, dry compressed air at 6 bar

Dust Collection: We recommend the inclusion of a dust collection system is the product handled contains dust