Velocity Baler 150


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The Velocity Baler 150 offers high speed bagging and baling suitable of a wide range of materials including chopped grass/hay, wood shavings, silage, hay, special blended feeds with molasses, high fibre nuts, cattle feed pellets, compounded feeds, and compost, among many other applications. 

  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and upgrade to pack new bag/bale sizes and types of product
  • Produces tightly packed bags or compressed bales
  • Clean operation - owing to fully encapsulated filling process
  • Corrosive resistant paint finish
  • Rapid changeover to different bale / bag sizes – 10 – 20 minutes
  • Up to 250 - 300 hours of uninterrupted running times between film reel/roll changes.
  • Vertical compression technology makes square shaped bales without bowing or bulging - ideal for palletising
  • Auto re-set integrated electronic production dosing or weighing unit which is pre-programmable for different filled bag volumes and bale weights 
  • Simple menu driven operator controls, providing production information, alarms and fault finding 
  • Hydraulically powered ram with platen and interchangeable rectangular compression chamber(s) to suit required bale dimension(s). 
  • Simple, continuous Bag/Bale making technology (the flat film is converted into a tube which is then filled with compressed product and sealed inside a bag/bale). The plastic film is welded together by positive microprocessor controlled "heat - weld - pressure" technology. 
  • Stainless steel grade 304L forming tube (other contact parts stainless steel on request)
  • Film unwinding system with centring of the film reel during bagging.
  • Photoelectric cell or encoder to determine the length of the bag/bale. 
  • Horizontal welding bars, Teflon coated, resistance wire, and film cutter, having a perfectly synchronised hydraulic movement and pressure as the bars close and the film is cut. 
  • Automatic printing of plastic film inside the FFS machine before bag/ bale is made. 
  • Minimal consumption of packaging material/ plastic film:
    • Because bags/bales are made to length, The length of bag/bale is variable according to density of product grade being packed
    • On-line printing/coding of plastic film inside the machine 
  • Only one major annual service required 
  • Special horse feeds with molasses
  • Cattle feed pellets
  • Compounded animal feed
  • Soft wood shavings
  • Animal bedding
  • Horse nuts
  • Chopped grass
  • Chopped straw
  • Compost & Soils
  • Silage with high moisture content

Amongst many other applications. 

  • Product/ Material Dosing options: Volumetric Belt or Screw Feeder with/without electronic load cell weighing
  • Hydraulic Compressor Options: 15 / 22 / 30 KW
  • Prodyct contact parts: Stainless Steel 304L (or 316L) 
  • Devices on the feeders to ensure a conssitent even flow of product into the bale forming tube
  • Additional forming tubes for making different sizes of bags and bales. 
  • Rotary carousel magazine for the storage and quick change over of forming tubes. 
  • Gusseting device for making bags/bales with block ends
  • Handle forming device - automatically makes carrying handle
  • Device for the quick changeover and joining of the new reel of plastic film.
  • Out-feed / In-feed Conveyors & flatteners all available as part of turnkey process.
  • Direct on-line plastic film printing - by indelible thermal printing onto the PE film inside the packing machine, with product name, product code, batch number, and sell-by date.