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Stretch Hooding

Why Endurance VTTS 180 ?

The M6000VS stretch-hood machine has been designed especially for high throughput pallet hooding suitable for a vast range of applications. 


This uniquely designed stretch hooder is manufactured using the highest quality components ensuring fully automatic hooding with low maintenance costs. Optimum machine operation does not require any special operator attention with speedy reel changeovers.

The advantages of this technology are based on the fundamental pillars for our customer’s competitiveness: economic savings, quality improvement, safety and flexibility.

Savings – The stretching of the film and the use of limited thickness offers an excellent protection/ cost ratio. Since it’s a technology that does not require heat generation by combustion, maintenance costs and derivatives or gas consumption are also reduced.

Quality – Since the hood perimeter is smaller than the load’s, there is a continuous tension that keeps the load compact, with the possibility of overlapping the film underneath the pallet, creating a perfect cohesion between load/pallet that avoids losses due to stability problem during storage and transportation. The load is watertight and protected against water and dust even for long outdoor storage. The absence of wrinkle and holes, together with the optical properties of the hoods in terms of shine and transparency, make the load perfectly visible, making it traceable and tamper-proof.

Safety – The design, construction, and installation of our machines comply with all the requirements established in the CE guidelines in effect.

Flexibility – This model allows for implementation in limited spaces, easily adapting to the existing lines. Depending their needs, customers can use printed films, micro/macro perforated films, anti-UVA treatments, etc.


Throughput: M6000Vs: up to 60 pallets/ hour, M6000 VHS: up to 180 pallets/ hour

Minimum pallet dimensions: 600 x 800 mm

Maximum pallet dimensions: 1400 x 1200 mm

Minimum cargo height: 500 mm

Maximum cargo height: 2500 mm

Film thickness: 60-200 microns

Standard work level: 700mm

Maximum cargo load: 2500kg

Appearance of film: Bellows tube.

Maximum coil weight: 500kg

Maximum coil diameter: 1000mm

ThickenerL 70 – 200 microns (according to application)


  • Only one annual service required 
  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and presents the capability to expand the system further
  • No heat generation required for operation
  • Reduced thickness of the film
  • The stretched film generates a tension in all directions that grants the best stability of the pallet.
  • Excellent water and UV protection of the pallet.
  • Operating cycle of the machine is totally safe for the operator.
  • Different sizes of pallet can be managed automatically.
  • Complete control of the stretch holding force in any direction.
  • Capability to create in the same hood different thickness of film in order to make different holding forces in specific areas of the pallet.
  • Structure: 4-foot treated and painted steel chassis.
  • Elevation/Descent: Motor-reducer controlled by frequency and counterweight variator.
  • Stretcher finer trajectory: 4 independent motors, positioned by encoder.
  • Operating terminal: 10” touch screen, simple and intuitive access to:
    • Defect management
    • Configuration of parameters.
    • Manual movements.
    • Total and partial cycle counters.
  • Opening of film: combined system of mechanical clamps and vacuum.
  • Cut of film: Using blade assembled on linear cylinder.
  • Welding: Resistance covered in Teflon material and forced cooling system.
  • Safety: Safety enclosure according to regulations in effect and anti-fall block system.
  • Standards applied: CE
  • The stretch-wrap is an economically-friendly wrapping system:
    • Gas consumption is not necessary
    • The amount of film per wrapped cargo is reduced.
    • 100% recyclable.

Product to be Packed

  • Palletised loads, bags, sacks, cartons, crates, drums, kegs, boxes, bricks, bales.

Amongst many other applications.


Technical Data

Power Required/ Technical Requirements

Electrical Supply: 

Power Consumption: 

Compressed Air: 

Dust Collection Volume: 



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