FFS Velocity 1500


High speed weigh fill big bag filling machine for 4-loop bulk bags. 

  • Only one annual service required 
  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and presents the capability to expand the system further
  • Requires low headroom
  • Simultaneous bag weighing and filling - the bag weight is constantly monitored during ensuring accuracy
  • Plastic/resin chips
  • SPVC powder
  • Chemicals
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Carbon black pearls
  • Detergents
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Rice, lentils, grain
  • Oat flakes
  • Fertilizer
  • Aggregates

The IBC-PF4 incorporates Webster Griffin's patented semi-suspension fully automatic big bag filling system with simultaneous bag filling and weighing to ensure accurate, compact filling.  

Automatically ‘Self Adjusting’ for different bag sizes and ergonomically designed sliding spout plus self-releasing, swinging bag loop hooks – ensures high speed effortless bagging around the clock.

Innovative ergonomic design means the IBC-PF4 machine is easy and safe to operate. The filling spout automatically slides towards the operator so they do not need to lean over when applying/loading the empty bag onto the machine.

Throughput: 15 – 60 Bags an hour

Bagging Weight: 500kg - 2000kg

Bag Size: 1100 – 1900mm

Contact Parts: Stainless Steel 304l, 316l.

Weighing & Control: Siemens / Allen Bradley PLC’s with Touch Screen Proface 10” HD HMI and label printer providing a modern weighing and control system giving you total control and flexibility.

Filling Accuracy: 0.5% on given target weight on every bag.

Bag Inflation: High Speed 3.5kw inflation fan.

Maintenance: Only one annual service required.

Containers Filled/Handled: 

  • Big Bag – 4 Loop, 2 Loop, 1 Loop.
  • FIBC (Flexible/Fabric Intermediate Bulk Container), Supersack, Grossäck. Flexible Schüttgutbehälter, Sacs Conteneurs, Conteneurs Souples, Bolsas-granded, Sacos Grandes.
  • Rigid IBC’s, rigid containers, tote bags (steel, plastic, cardboard), Octabins, Gaylord boxes, drums, kegs.
  • Inflatable Filling Spout for efficiency and super dust containment for low wastage presenting suitability for high cost product.
  • Super dust extraction system reclaims 99.9% of the product presenting suitability for high cost product
  • Bag Placing – Auto releasing bag hooks
  • In-Chute Metal Detection and Separation
  • Turn Key System
  • Compact – accommodating for low head room, low square foot. Suited for restricted environments.
  • Auto-adjusting for different bag weights, sizes and product density.
  • Automated Pallet rolling chain, belt and turntable conveyors
  • Pallet handling systems including plastic/ cardboard sheet applicator
  • All equipment can be tailored to your requirements if required.
  • Highest quality components used to ensure long lasting operation.

Power Required/ Technical Requirements

Electrical Supply: 380-415v. 3phs. 50hz + N

Power Consumption: Approximately 5-10KW

Compressed Air: 6 bar, 100 litres per filling cycle

Dust Collection Volume: 500m³/h (max)