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Webster Griffin's FFS (Form Fill Seal)  bagging machines offer the benefit of continuous , fully automatic, unattended  operation.

Our FFS  machines make bags from a roll of  flat plastic film or a reel of tubular film.

Which FFS concept to choose? It depends upon the nature of your powder, its bulk density, the weight/volume of the filled bag and the cost of suitable plastic film.

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FFS Velocity

Bags made from flat film  -  The machine unwinds plastic film from a roll and forms it into a tube which is then made into a bag before being filled with your powder, pellets, chips or flakes. The seal at the top of the filled bag also forms the bottom of the next bag.

FFS Velocity 1000

1000 Bags Per Hour 

At a glance:

  • High speed machine for packing food ingredients, chemicals, plastics.
  • Throughput 800 - 1200 bags/ hour.
  • Bag size range 5 - 50Kg bags.
  • Can make gusseted bags & bags with handles.
  • built for 24/7 production environment
  • Over 1000 machines operating worldwide.
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FFS Velocity 1500

1500 Bags Per Hour 

At a glance:

  • Heavy duty machine for high speed packing of sand, aggregates, soils & composts.
  • Throughput 1200 - 1500 bags/hour.
  • High speed filling of 5-50kg & 10-80 Litres.
  • Makes pillow bags, gusseted bags and bags with handles.
  • Totally unattended operation.
  • Built for around the clock operation.
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FFS Velocity 2000

2000 Bags Per Hour 

At a glance:

  • High speed fully automatic FFS bag packing machine for food ingredients and chemicals.
  • 1500 - 3000 bags/hour.
  • Accurate filling of 200 to 4.0Kg bags.
  • Suitable for packing rice, lentils, sugar, salt, detergent, fertiliser, chemicals & cements.
  • Produces different types & styles of bags.
  • Reliable machine for around the clock operation
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FFS Compact

Bags made from Tubular Film  -  The machine continuously unwinds the tube of film, makes a bag from the tube, then fills the bag with your product.

FFS Compact 1600

1600 Bags Per Hour 

At a glance:

  • High speed FFS bagging machine for filling bags from rolls of tubular film.
  • High throughput of up to 1600 bags/ hour.
  • Accurate filling of 5-50kg Bags.
  • Suitable for flat tube or gusseted film.
  • Built for 24 hour/ day operation.
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