Big Bag Filling


The IBC-PF1 is a simple low cost big bag filling machine suitable for the filling of FIBC containers varying in weight from 250kg to 1000kg.

  • Only one annual service required 
  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and presents the capability to expand the system further
  • Requires low headroom
  • Simultaneous bag weighing and filling - the bag weight is constantly monitored during ensuring accuracy
  • Tightly packed stable bags
  • Automatic bag size adjustment
  • Clean operation - dust free filling
  • Patented “semi-suspension” solution for filling well shaped bags.
  • In-chute metal detection and product sampling
  • Corrosive resistant paint finish
  • Empty bag inflation fan
  • Mounted on integral four load cell weigh platform
  • Auto tare – deducts weight of bag and pellets giving only net weight of product in bag
  • Data output via label/ticket report printer
  • Explosion proof
  • Suitable for fine powders and granules
  • Plastic/resin chips
  • SPVC powder
  • Chemicals
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Carbon black pearls
  • Detergents
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Rice, lentils, grain
  • Oat flakes
  • Fertilizer
  • Aggregates
  • Ground Minerals

Amongst many other applications.

The IBC-PF1 is an adaptable machine for handling big bags, rigid containers, drums, modular design, - with standard ‘add-on’ features ideal for food products and fine chemicals.

Throughput: 5 – 10 four loops big bags/hour, 5 – 10 one or two loop big bags/hour

Bagging Weight: 250kg to 1000kg

Bag Size: 500mm to 1500mm

Weighing Control: Siemens / Allen Bradley PLC’s with Otuch Screen Proface 10” HD HMI and label printer providing a modern weighing and control system giving you total control and flexibility,

Contact Parts: Mild Steel (Stainless steel option available)

Filling Accuracy: 0.5% on given target weight

Bag Inflation: High Speed 3.5Kw inflation fan.

Maintenance: Only one annual maintenance required

  • Product dosing device to suit your product
  • Auto bag on spout top-up
  • Empty bag inflation
  • Stainless steel product contact parts
  • Corrosive resistant paint finish
  • Bag compaction system – by integral vibrating table
  • Filling spout: -

    • With pneumatic clamps

    • With inflatable collar (dusty product)
  • Automation: -

    • Swinging bag loop forks

    • Automatic bag loop hook(s)

    • Roller conveyors

    • Belt conveyors

    • Chain conveyor

    • Empty pallet magazine

    • Auto bag neck sealing
  • In-chute metal detection
  • In-chute product sampling
  • Production reports – WDPS software
  • Data output – label/ticket report printer
  • Touch screen operator interface panel
  • Product dosing device

Power Required/ Technical Requirements

Electrical Supply: 380-415v. 3phs. 50hz + N

Power Consumption: Approximately 5-10KW

Compressed Air: 6 bar, 100 litres per filling cycle

Dust Collection Volume: 500m³/h (max)


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