Okura Ai700 Rapid

Palletising Bags & Sacks

Innovation, Research and State of the Art Design result in a New, Highly Efficient and Reliable Robotic Palletiser. 

  • Cartons
  • Cases
  • Bags
  • Sacks
  • Crates
  • Pails
  • Drums
  • Unstable loads

Amongst many other applications.

Built in OXPA allowing for programs to be created and modified directly on the controller.

Model: RC1600-CE

Dimensions: 960 mm W x 640mm D x 1150mm H

Weight: 250kg (551lbs)

Power: Robot 2.5kVA, Ac380/400/415 ±10% 50/60Hz Triple-phase

Colour: RAL 7035

Display: 8.4” TFT Touch Screen

Servo Control: Up to control 6 axis (control 2 optional axis)

Ambient Temperature: 0-40˚C

Relative Humidity: 35-85%

Palletising Software

The user-friendly palletising software presents 3D drawings including clear icons on buttons and selectors ensuring smooth operation.

Backup and restore stacking programs, download and upload system files.

High speed PLC processing speed.

  • Systems integration, after sales support and training by leading European distributor – Webster Griffin.
  • More industrial and easy to connect Harting connectors are used with the Ai-series
  • Grease Leak Chamber for D-axis and )-axis preventing grease penetration into servo motor.
  • Load Variation Detection Function (LVD) reducing the risk of damage to handled items and/or robot.
  • Gen VII Controller with Standard ALC Built-in for CE/UL Controllers. The Okura palletising software OXPA is integrated into the HMI of the controller ensuring that all screens are user-friendly.
  • Easy to connect data exchange via 2 USB ports for ease of communication and data back-up.
  • Field buses such as Profibus DP, Profinet and Ethernet IP can be used.
  • Standard Bag Hand
  • Double Bag Hand
  • Suction Head – De-Palletising
  • Multi-Purpose Hand
  • Crate Hand