Okura Ai700 Standard


Innovation, Research and State of the Art Design result in a New, Highly Efficient and Reliable Robotic Palletiser. 

The Okura A700 Ai Robot Palletiser offers high speed, accurate palletising with complete 360˚ rotation angel suitable for a vast range of applications and pallet sizes. 

The Okura Ai700 offers a vast range of features including a handling weigh of 140 Kg with the option to increase this further to 160 Kg with optional counter weights. 

The system offers a large operation range with 360 degree rotation angle (R-axis) with accommodation for up to 6 pallets in its operation range. 

The R-axis hollow gear reducer with new design in robot cable across through hollow shaft of R-axis reducer, replacement fo inner harness becomes a lot easier. 

Harting Connector included catering to be industrial and easy to connect. 

Grease leak chamber D-axis and O-axis. 

Load variation detection functionr educes the risk of damage to the item and/or robot when the robot collides with peripherals, etc. 

New OXPS=QmV Palletising Software

Offline technology, stacking programs can be downloaded to the controller from remote location.#

User Friendly

3D drawings for user friendly and visual software

Windows based standard items are used

Clear icons on buttons and selectors

Communication between laptop and controller via USB cable or Ethernet, providing a faster upload and download. 

More Features

Backup and restore stacking programs, download and upload system files. 

Password protection for operator, production manager and system administrator. 

Can create special patterns manually and register them. 

New patter creator built in to OXPS-QmV. 



  • Cartons
  • Cases
  • Bags
  • Sacks
  • Crates
  • Pails
  • Drums
  • Unstable loads

Amongst many other applications.

Handling Rate/ Throughput: 400 cycles/hour

Maximum Payload: 140kg, 160kg with optional counter weight

Degree of Operation Range: R-axis: 360 degrees, D-axis: 2300mm, O-axis: 1750mm. T-axis: 440 degrees

  • Meets all RoHS, CE and UL requirements, the robot also follows the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive. Approved by TUV.

Maintenance: Minimal, one annual lubrication.

Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40˚C.

Repeatability: ±1mm

Toothed belts controlled by a frequency inverter that allows to change the speed from the touch screen.

Guides with rollers for easy change of forming tubes. 

Film reel support to hold 500mm diameter reel (maximum 250kg)

Film reel un-winder device including a powered unwinder with integral film tensioning device 

Pin wheel type perforator to perforate the length of bag

Horizontal perforator adjacent to the top seal on the bag, to allow the expulsion of air once the bag has been filled. The perforator is adjustable to increase or decrease the size of the hole in the film. 

Small cantilevered maintenance platform – with access ladder, and hand tails, which also provides support for the product dosing/weighing device.

Large HMI (operator interface panel) with touch colour screen

Easy to use and understand operators control panel offering: 

  • 8.4" Colour touch screen with graphic display and icons making operations simple and easy 
  • Memory for 44 'per-set' operating programmes each with 19 parameters to suit bag/bale weight or volume, plastic film thickness and bulk density of material being packed. 
  • Film sealing optimisation programmes with auto adjustment and temperature monitoring  
  • Batch counter and bag totalisator, 'count up' or 'count down' 
  • 16 alarm signals
  • Fault finding display, fault identification
  • Routine maintenance reminder
  • Constant display of packing rate bags/bales per minute

Built in OXPA allowing for programs to be created and modified directly on the controller.

Model: RC1600-CE

Dimensions: 960 mm W x 640mm D x 1150mm H

Weight: 250kg (551lbs)

Power: Robot 2.5kVA, Ac380/400/415 ±10% 50/60Hz Triple-phase

Colour: RAL 7035

Display: 8.4” TFT Touch Screen

Servo Control: Up to control 6 axis (control 2 optional axis)

Ambient Temperature: 0-40˚C

Relative Humidity: 35-85%

Palletising Software

The user-friendly palletising software presents 3D drawings including clear icons on buttons and selectors ensuring smooth operation.

Backup and restore stacking programs, download and upload system files.

High speed PLC processing speed.

  • Systems integration, after sales support and training by leading European distributor – Webster Griffin.
  • More industrial and easy to connect Harting connectors are used with the Ai-series
  • Grease Leak Chamber for D-axis and )-axis preventing grease penetration into servo motor.
  • Load Variation Detection Function (LVD) reducing the risk of damage to handled items and/or robot.
  • Gen VII Controller with Standard ALC Built-in for CE/UL Controllers. The Okura palletising software OXPA is integrated into the HMI of the controller ensuring that all screens are user-friendly.
  • Easy to connect data exchange via 2 USB ports for ease of communication and data back-up.
  • Field buses such as Profibus DP, Profinet and Ethernet IP can be used.
  • Standard Bag Hand
  • Double Bag Hand
  • Suction Head – De-Palletising
  • Multi-Purpose Hand
  • Crate Hand

Pneumatic Consumption: 180L/min (ANR), 300L/min (ANR) when equipped with a pallet dispenser.

Power: 2.5kVA

Robot Weight: 1335kg (140kg payload), 1375 (160kg payload)