P42 – Pre-Made Bag & Sack Filling Machine


A fully automatic low cost packing concept for large production runs suitable for various product types: dry solids, pellets, flakes, powders, crystals, fibrous materials, slurries, or pastes. All of which can be bagged into 5kg - 50kg bags on the same machine at rates of 1000 bags/ Hour.

The bags are made from a roll of flat film which is continuously formed into a tube before being filled with the product - overlapping the back seal and making a 'one way' valve allows air to escape but prevents ingress of water or moisture.

Webster Griffin's unique technology means the De-aeration and special air evacuation systems provide a water & dust proof package which extends the shelf life of your product from 2 to 9 months (or significantly longer).

For maximum productivity FFS is best combined with a robot palletiser which can skip between different bag sizes and palletising patterns.

  • Only one annual service required 
  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and presents the capability to expand the system further
  • Requires low headroom
  • Simultaneous bag weighing and filling - the bag weight is constantly monitored during ensuring accuracy
  • Tightly packed stable bags
  • Automatic bag size adjustment
  • Clean operation
  • Patented “semi-suspension” solution for filling well shaped bags.
  • In-chute metal detection and product sampling
  • Corrosive resistant paint finish
  • Empty bag inflation fan
  • Mounted on integral four load cell weigh platform
  • Auto tare – deducts weight of bag and pellets giving only net weight of product in bag
  • Data output via label/ticket report printer
  • Flour
  • Minerals
  • Cement
  • Sugar

Amongst many other applications.

  • Vertical screw volumetric dosing system for granular, powdered and fine products 
  • Single paper bags weakening device 
  • Volumetric CUP dosing system for flowing granular products
  • Final electronic weight control
  • Automatic store for the empty paper bags
  • Air turbine for the vacuum
  • Final electronic weight control
  • Pressing system date application and lot number
  • Special rotary feeder for fine and powdered products