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Auto Strapping

Why Unistrap VS 1T - VS 2T?

The Unistrap VS 1T - VS 2T is a fully automatic vertical strapping system suitable for a vast range of strapping applications. 


The Unistrap VS 1T - VS 2T is a robust build strapping machine made of high quality components delivering reliability in the long term, which minimises maintenance costs. The use of the latest technologies provide total control over the strapping over the product and the packaging overall holding force.

The machine is complete with all the necessary devices to perform a fully automatic working cycle. 

The strapping head Unistrap with vibration welding is the evolution of the traditional system with electrical resistance; this system is the result of our technical research and twenty years of experience in the construction of automatic machines for the packaging of palletised units. 

The maintenance of the strapping head with vibration welding is almost non-existent, since it's built with mechanical parts of high precision hardened steel and without delicate components such as temperature detectors, resistors, etc. 



Roll Height: 

Roll Diameter: 

Internal Roll diameter: 


Control Panel: 



  • Only one annual service required 
  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and presents the capability to expand the system further
  • Requires low headroom
  • Corrosive resistant paint finish
  • Main steel frame painted with anti-corrosive coating and epozy paint in several layers
  • Upper pressing plate in painted steel 
  • Nr 1 or 2 Vertical Strapping Heads suitable to use PP/PET strapping band 
  • Strapping wheelbase: 600mm 
  • Electronic adjustable upward/downward speed of the strapping head unit controlled by inverter
  • Device for the adjustment of the pressing by load cells (Max 600kg)
  • Photocell for automatic pallet height detection 
  • Gear motor for launching/recovery of the strap controlled by inverter 
  • Strapping tension adjustable from 5 to 350kg 
  • Arches with self-adjusting vertical channels to speed ip the launching and recovery of the strapping band end detection
  • Nr 1 or 2 coil carrying units with device for the accumulation of the excess strapping band during the recovery phase
  • Electronic control of strapping band end detection 
  • Programs and strapping tension values fully customisable 
  • Program for the exclusion of the strapping cycle
  • Electric control cabinet for all the functions of the machine manufactured following CE rulesand controlled by PLC (protection IP 54)
  • Operating panel (HMI) complete with digital display keyboard to control:
    • Autodiagnostic program and visualisation of the alarms 
    • Selection of manual operations
    • Strapping cycle timers 

Product to be Packed

  • Palletised loads, bags, sacks, cartons, crates, drums, kegs, boxes, bricks, bales.

Amongst many other applications.


  • Powered pre-stretch for light or unstable loads
  • Pneumatic tension control
  • Electric welding
  • Hydraulic lifter
  • Soft start and soft stop of the rolls conveyor controlled by inverter
  • Soft start and slackening of the rotation of the turntable controlled by inverter
  • Pallet alignment guide rail on fork truck input conveyor.

Technical Data

Power Required/ Technical Requirements

Electrical Supply: 

Power Consumption: 

Compressed Air: 

Dust Collection Volume: 


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