Uniband 600 Auto


The Uniband 600 Auto is a fully automatic stretch wrapping machine. The Uniwrap 600 Auto applies a horizontal band to the pallet.  

The Uniband 600 Auto is a fully automatic stretch wrapping machine to apply a horizontal stretch film band around the pallet load. The application of such band can serve different purposes, such as bundling half-pallets or applying a printed band for publicity purposes.  

Its robust build and the use of high quality components allow the machine to be extremely reliable in the long term, which minimises maintenance costs. The use of the most advanced technologies provides total control over the pressure applied by the stretch film over the product, the pre-stretch ratio and the packaging overall holding force. 

  • Throughput: Up to 180 pallets/ hour
  • Roll Height: 500 ÷ 750 mm
  • Roll Diameter: Ø 300 mm. max
  • Internal Roll diameter: Ø 76 mm.
  • Thickness: 13 -35 micron
  • Control Panel: Siemens S7 PLC
  • Colour: Moving parts Orange or Yellow. Fixed Parts: Grey/White, Resida Green or Gentian Blue
  • Only one annual service required 
  • Compact, modular system ensuring ease of installation and presents the capability to expand the system further
  • Requires low headroom
  • Corrosive resistant paint finish
  • Nr 2 stretch film reels positioned on the sides of the roller conveyor 
  • Electro pneumatic control of opening/ closing of the welding/ cutting bars 
  • Two Separate welding groups allow to load on both sides of the pallet 
  • During the cycle, the film passes through two rollers obtaining a pre-stretching that allows a better product banding. When the pallet load stops just upstream the machine, the double-welding bars with interposed cutting device immediately close. The winding is thus completed and the product goes off towards the discharge area. 
  • This wrapper has a high productive capacity. The machine has been designed to obtain the maxiumum film savings with a system that guarantees a reliable service for a long time.
  • Vertical movement of the head allows to exclude automatically the application of the band, without the need to cut the film, separate it and re-weld it once it's required again
  • Film cutting group
  • Controlled by PLC
  • The machine is supplied with CE certification
  • Palletised loads, bags, sacks, cartons, crates, drums, kegs, boxes, bricks, bales.

Amongst many other applications.

Power Required/ Technical Requirements

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