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We support you

Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service.

Our service team and technicians are trained to provide friendly effective support to ensure that you benefit from maximum effective running time (OOE) and minimal downtime.

The Webster Griffin service team takes a pro-active approach to  installation, commissioning and long term operation of your equipment.

We take pride in our relationship with customers and always welcome your feedback regarding the proficiency of our engineers, the quality of response and the availability of spare parts.

  • We offer different service packages -  graded to suit the level and frequency of support you require.
  • Our field service and support engineers are backed up by our in-house electrical and mechanical support and spare parts department.
  • Our engineers have received in-depth training direct from Okura robot instructors.
  • They are approved to carry out routine maintenance, safety checks, including annual safety audits, fault finding and programming modifications.
  • We offer structured preventive maintenance plans to identify any potential problems before they arise, giving you maximum system availability and effective operation.

Our experienced team of field service and support engineers are on hand to attend any unanticipated stoppages which cannot be resolved by remote support.

  • We are firm believers in preventative maintenance however. This is the most cost-effective way of ensuring the maximum return on your investment with the minimum downtime.
  • We take a pro-active approach by offering scheduled service visits designed to reduce the risks of a major breakdown or damage to  equipment. This means overall consumption of spare parts and service call outs drops significantly.
  • During a routine visit, our engineers will carry out a full inspection of your system. Any potential problems will either be dealt with immediately or incorporated into the next scheduled maintenance visit.
  • A check sheet and a list of recommendations arising from the inspection will be given to your team each time your machine is maintained.

Webster Griffin put together site specific customer training courses for the operation and maintenance of all our systems including comprehensive training on the Okura robot systems.

  • An operator training session can be carried out as part of a maintenance visit or booked as a separate event. Well trained operators will play an important role in your machinery performing to its design potential.
  • Downtime, damage to equipment or health and safety issues can often be avoided by an operator who has been trained to identify and mitigate a potential fault. 

Safety Health Checks are also carried out on scheduled service visits to monitor continued compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Our bagging and palletising systems often operate in a demanding production environment where 24 hour running is common. The increased potential for mistakes and the ensuing wear and tear means a spares package is vital.

  • We have a dedicated spares department and a spares package is designed and recommended for purchase with each system.
  • We also endeavour to hold a stock of regularly consumed spare parts and will quickly source any uncommon parts for prompt delivery.   
  • We work with a tried and tested supply chain and guarantee all spare parts are 100% original and genuine.

Longevity is the name of the game - we understand that you need your capital assets to work long and hard.
Being able to replace a piece of obsolete machinery enables you to extend the life span of your packaging equipment so that you benefit from a long-term return on your investment.
Upgrading and or reconfiguring an existing line will also help you speed-up production and improve productivity

At Webster Griffin, we offer:-

  • Replacement of obsolete & non-safety compliant (non-CE Marked) robot palletisers
  • Control panel redesigns and rebuilds with updates of PLC hardware and software
  • Revamping of palletising systems including the addition of complementary ancillary equipment
  • Relocation and re-design of existing bag packing lines
  • Replacement of obsolete Net Weigh Scales which are no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

(our range of net weighers & hopper scales have been designed to replace old scales provided by, Chronos Richardson, Howe Richardson Scale, Richard Simon, Greif Werk Velox, Paglierani etc.)
(All our weighing scales are MID Certified and have UK Weights & Measures approval)