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Total Solutions

Case Palletising and Pallet Wrapping Systems
Auto pallet handling - combining, strapping, wrapping
Automatic Bagging Lines
Bag and Sack Palletising Systems
Big Bag Filling Multi-Line Systems
End of line automation and logisitics

Total Solutions.

From concept design to commissioning at your factory.
A total solution from Webster Griffin will enable you to. accelerate production, automate production, reduce wastage, improve accuracy, increase efficiency.


We Engineer Your Future.

A first-class packaging line is integral to the success of your company's manufacturing processes - the right equipment forms part of a successful production and marketing strategy and gives you the opportunity to meet your customer demands both now and in the future.

We work with our customers to build a profile of the machine or system that is a perfect fit for your requirements.

We understand.

Understanding your product, your environment, your market and your future plans needs enables us to engineer system performance that keeps your operation efficient and competitive.

The Complete Package.

We manufacture equipment in house and work with our partners to provide integrated systems - We bring the individual system elements together to work as one coordinated production line.