Calf Milk Substitute - Bag Palletiser 



Anbros Industries Pte Ltd is a Singapore based supplier of food & beverage products including cheese dairy and eggs they specialise in innovative dairy ingredient solutions and stock feed blending.

The systems were designed, installed by  Trusteel in Singapore, Webster Griffin’s exclusive agent and service partner for projects in Singapore and South East Asia territory. (Trusteel Design & Engineering Pte Ltd, Tel:  +65 6898 2822   Email: )


Anbros Industries wanted to increase output through the full automation of their palletising system for calf milk replacement powder.

The system needed to be highly accurate but capable of high speed palletising to keep up with the expected level of throughput of 240 X 25kg bags for their calf milk replacement powder.

Anbros also required a waterproof pallet protection system to make pallets fit for transportation.

  • Achieve the required throughput of 240 x 25kgs bags to be palletised an hour.
  • Provide a fully automated system capable of continuous operation to meet Anbros’ demands.
  • Deliver neat, square fully loaded pallets suitable to be transported to Anbros’ clients internationally.
  • Reduce the amount of labour required to operate the calf milk replacement line.
  • Waterproofing of pallets suitable for a variety of transportation solutions.




To meet the requirements set out by Anbros. Webster Griffin recommended the installation of two Okura A700V Robot Palletisers more than capable of achieving the established capacity.

  • Synchronising/accumulating belt infeed conveyor. 1.0m long x 0.6m wide with side guides.
  • One bag pick up conveyor. 1.0 long x 0.6m wide.
  • Two Okura A700 III palletising robot with articulated arm.
  • One bag pick up hand end effector.
  • 360˚ R Axis Rotation.
  • Robot control panel
  • Control console with user friendly 9” touch screen control panel. Preloaded with OXPA ‘Easy Teach’ software.
  • Pre-set palletising programmes catering for 100 variations.
  • Repeated stop position accuracy of ±1mm
  • One heavy duty, fully automatic stretch wrapper, model Uniwrap 200 auto, with integral powered roller conveyor and automatic pallet height detection

This also presents the opportunity for Anbros to increase output in the future with the Okura robot capable of a throughput of up to 700 X 25kg bags.


As a result of the installation of Two Okura Robot palletising systems by Webster Griffin, Anbros is able to palletize at a rate of 240 X 25kg bags an hour.The two Okura robot palletising systems has resulted in full automation of the calf milk replacement powder production line in a highly accurate manner meeting the level of demand that Anbros requires.

The system presented Anbros with a variety of benefits including:

  • Efficiency – the fully automated system allows for a bagging rate of 240 bags an hour as requested by Anbros
  • Increased Accuracy – The Okura robot increases accuracy rates over previous palletising solutions with a repeated stop position accuracy of ±1mm.
  • Minimal Maintenance – The Okura robot only requires an annual servicing and lubrication
  • Complete waterproof protected pallets ready transportation worldwide satisfying Anbros’ clients’ demands.


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