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Fish Feed - Big Bag & 25kg Bag Filling

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Ewos Innovation is the research and development arm of aquaculture giant Ewos/Cargill, a marine feed supplier.



Ewos Innovation were looking for an integrated system capable of handling large single loop bags of different sizes and weights for their commercial fish feed and smaller 20-25kg bags to be processed by a separate form fill seal machine.

  • High throughput targets of  20 – 25 x 1000kg and 30 – 35 x 500kg bags.
  • Stable full big bags in which feed must be compacted and consolidated.
  • Compacted small form fill seal bags suitable for palletising.
  • Flexible – The big bag filling machine must cater to single loop bags of three different sizes whilst the form fill seal machine has to alter between 20 and 25kg bags.
  • Compact system – constructive factory floor space
  • Easy & Simple operation with low maintenance and labour input
  • Short delivery required – Ewos Innovation needed a rapid system installation for immediate results.


Having reviewed Ewos Innovation requirements, Webster Griffin proposed a integrated IBC-PF4 big bag filling system and a Compacta Easy tubular form fill seal bagging machine.

  • IBC-PF4 including conveyor system with self-adjusting weigh fill station, automatically adjusting for three different bag sizes. Minimising product wastage.
  • Compacta Easy Tubular Form Fill bagging system in which bags are forms from a reel of plastic - capable of a throughput up to 1400 bags an hour.
  • Ticket printer – printed “passport” ticket placed into pocket of bag, following bag discharge by downstream conveyors.
  • ‘Bag inflation technology’ – reduces risk of inner bag rupturing during filling.
  • Vibrating platform - during filling cycle, a grid on a vibrating platform positioned underneath bag at filling station is raised up, lifting bag off the weighing system, and consolidates product in the bag.
  • Touch screen PLC control system – Microprocessor PLC technology ensures perfect function.
  • Pallet magazine conveyor - Lifting and lowering assembly incorporating a geared electric brake motor.


The installation of the integrated system presented a number of key benefits to Ewos Innovation.

  • Big Bag Filling at a throughput of 35 x 500kg and 25 x 1000kg bulk bags an hour.
  • Tubular Form Fill Seal bagging at rates of 1400 bags an hour.
  • Flexibility – the system catering to various bagging requirements allows Ewos to respond to customer demands immediately.
  • Labour Productivity Boost – employees now enjoy more time to accomplish other production tasks.
  • Increased batch traceability - identification ticket or ‘passport’ is automatically placed into pocket of each bag.
  • Reduced product wastage – flexible weigh station automatically adjusts for varying bag sizes and weights, meaning ‘manual change over’ is no longer necessary.

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