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Columbian Chemicals, are a subsidiary of Birla Carbon, the world’s leading sustainable manufacturer and supplier of carbon black additives.

Birla's products span ASTM grades and specialty blacks their downstream customers produce materials like rubber, plastics, coatings and inks..


Columbian Chemicals, commissioned Webster Griffin to supply a big bag filling solution to process their carbon black product. Webster Griffin are globally renowned for their patented “semi-suspension” filling system - ideal solution for this project.

Columbian chemicals required two bulk bag filling stations for pelleted carbon black. The system was required to adjust for varying bag weights from 500kg to 1500kg whilst maintaining a highly productive throughput. Birla presented the following challenges:

  •  Provide an operator friendly bag filling station.
  •  Recording of the accurate weight of every filled bag delivering more control over production.
  •  Automated pallet placement and conveying to maximise output and reduce the number of personnel on site.
  •  Ensure the system produces tall stable bags suitable for transportation to Airla's clients.
  • Supply a flexible system capable of processing varying bag weights and sizes.


Webster Griffin's technical sales team assessed Birla's requirements and suggested a twin IBC-PF4 Big Bag Filling system complete with automatic pallet magazine and conveying system. Their complete bag filling solution includes the following elements.

  • Two mirrored big bag filling systems utilising our patented “semi-suspension” design and square and stable big bags for easy loading with a  throughput of up to 20 bags/hour.
  • Two operator platforms for ease of operation.
  • Automatic adjustment for varying bag weights from 500kg to 1500kg FIBC containers.
  • Siemens S7 1200 with a 5.7” colour Proface HMI
  • Automatic sliding filling spout with manual locking ring. The filling spout is fitted with an inflatable collar to secure and seal the bags keeping wastage to a minimum.
  • Dust retention system for hygienic bag filling conditions.
  • Electronic weighing control to deliver weighing accuracy of +/-0.5%
  • Bag inflation device to ensure the bags are fully filled.
  • Swinging bag loop hooks for ease of bag placing
  • Standard pallet magazine with a capacity of up to 400kg
  • Integrated system of roller conveyors for fully automatic conveying
  • Adhesive label and ticket printing system


Birla were able to benefit from these improvements.

  • The big bag filling system has the low labour input of a single operator and a fork lift driver maximising labour efficiency
  • Bag weight filling accuracy is delivered within +/-0.5% on desired bag weight giving Columbian Chemicals greater control over their product
  • The big bag filling system delivers a high throughput of up to 20 bags/hour improving production capabilities.
  • Hygienic bag filling
  • Flexibility in production through an automatic self-adjusting system.


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