Blazer’s Fuel

Wood Pellets - Form Fill SEal


Blazer’s Fuels Limited is a trading subsidiary of Newbridge Energy Limited. The company manufacture and supply 6mm ENPlus A1 wood pellets. The business has been manufacturing the 10kg blazers fuel logs since 1999 and has a reputation for quality and service. In 2015, there was significant investment and expansion for Blazer’s Fuel expanding their production capabilities allowing Blazer’s Fuels to cater to growing demand in the future


Blazer Fuels enlisted Webster Griffin with their experience in bagging waste and energy products for the installation of a complete solution for a form-fill-seal bagging line. Blazer Fuels required a solution for bagging, palletising and pallet protection of their 5, 15 and 30 litre bags of wood pellets. The system would need to deliver low cost bagging whilst delivering operating highly accurately at a high throughput. Blazer Fuels had a specified throughput of 600 – 650 bags an hour.

  • Deliver fully automatic bagging capable of operating around the clock
  • A palletising solution ensuring neat, compact palletised loads.
  • Pallet waterproofing protection in which pallets are suitable of transportation to Blazer’s Fuels customers.
  • Provide a bagging system capable of catering to various bag sizes from 5 to 30 litres.


Webster Griffin recommended utilising form fill seal technology to deliver cheaper high throughput bagging. To meet all of Blazer Fuels requirements, Webster Griffin recommended a total bagging and palletising solution including the vertical form fill seal bagging machine 4025C. The total solution included the following elements.

  • Vertical form fill seal bagging machine, velocity model 4025C with a throughput deliviering 600 – 650 bags/ hour. Complete bagging system including surge hopper, automatic net weighing ropex impulse sealing system.
  • Additional bag device including handle making device and gusseting device to make block shaped bags for ease of palletising.
  • Automatic net weigher to ensure product weight accuracy within +/- 0.5%.
  • Additional forming tubes for 5 and 30 litre bags.
  • Automatic reel changeover device for ease of reel changeovers.
  • Complete series of belt and roller conveyors for total solutions for single wood pellet to complete pallet.
  • Okura A700 smart palletising robot complete with OXPA-QmV “easy-teach” palletising programs to deliver highly accurate completely automated high throughput palletising.
  • Bag hand manually adjustable for variable bag sizes.
  • Standard pallet magazinewith a capacity up to 10 pallets or 400kg.
  • Uniwrap 200AE fully automatic stretch wrapper with a max wrapping height up to 1750mm delivering complete pallet waterproof protection.
  • Complete colour touch screen control panel ensuring ease of operation and total control.


The system was installed at the Blazer Fuel’s site by a Webster Griffin engineer and has brought about the following benefits.

  • A bagging rate of 600 – 650 bags per hour with a weight accuracy rate of+/- 0.5%.
  • Complete pallet waterproofing of blazer fuels wood pellet products ensuring complete protection during transportation.
  • Low cost bagging. Form fill seal bagging delivers lower cost per bag than pre-made bags. Blazer Fuels will now save production costs on every bag.
  • Low labour input. The fully automatic system require a low labour input freeing up employees for other factory tasks.

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