Bolshaw Industrial Powders

Hydrated Lime  -  Sack  Palletising 



Bolshaw agriculture is a family company that has existed since 1965 with a farming heritage that spans over four generations. With continued agricultural interests, Bolshaw fully understands the benefits of great lime products in maximising the profitability of its customers. Webster Griffin have helped Bolshaw to dramatically increase their productivity at their plant in Macclesfield.


  • For this installation Webster Griffin would be providing a palletising solution for 25kg micro perforated valve sack bags.
  • Before our installation the client had been manually palletising their valve sack bags which was slow and labour intensive.
  • To increase productivity, save time and reach the next level of automation they now needed to integrate an end of line solution to palletise their packed bags.
  • Bolshaw supply large quantities of Calcium Oxide & Calcium Hydroxide for acid neutralisation and soil stabilisation and Webster Griffin were selected to help increase automation in production and reach set targets.



To meet the requirements set out by Bolshaw, Webster Griffin recommended the installation of One robot palletizing system to receive filled paper sacks from the fully automatic twin spout valve sack packing machine. The filled sacks will be flattened and spaced out before they are transferred to the robot pick up conveyor. The following items are also included:

  • One heavy duty Okura Robot palletiser AI700 including user-friendly OXPA automatic pallet configuration
  • One standard empty pallet magazine, model STD with a capacity of 12-14 pallets.
  • Powered roller conveyors positioned under pallet magazine to transfer empty pallets onto the robot stacking conveyor to be palletised. 
  • A PLC control panel for control and integration of the line.
  • We also recommended that we provide one electrical and mechanical engineer to supervise the off-loading and positioning of the system, after they would undertake mechanical and electrical installation of the equipment and to finish our robot technician will then remain on site to test and complete the installation.


  • Before the installation of the AI700 palletising Robot, Bolshaw were manually operating at roughly 150 bags an hour, with the help of Webster Griffin we were able to increase production to over 400 bags an hour.
  • The precise accuracy of the Okura Robot means that each pallet is stacked neatly ready for distribution.
  • Automatic palletising means minimal manual labour is required which reduces the chances of a repetitive strain injury.
  • When demand for the powdered product increases, the cost of running the system for a couple more hours is minimal as revenue is also growing considerably.

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