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Building Adhesives Limited, a subsidiary of Ardex GmbH, began life in 1962 as the hub of the UK ceramic tile industry and continues to be well respected market leaders today. BAL produces high quality tiling adhesives and grouts, garuanteed to provide lasting performance. Backed by over 50 years experience from the Ardex Group the company has development programmes commited to continual product innovation. 




Building Adhesives contacted Webster Griffin for the commissioning of a new palletising line of bags containing adhesive powders, with varying bag weights of 10, 20, and 25kg.

Webster Griffin’s previous experience in supplying palletising systems for building materials was a key factor in Building Adhesives, selecting them as a supplier.

  • Building adhesives required a high-speed palletising line which could still consistently produce neat, well organised pallets.
  • They required robot palletiser designed for increased throughput whilst simulataneously reducing labour requirements for the production line.
  • The system should be capable of operating continuously provided that it was not starved of a supply of filled bags and empty pallets.
  • Install a system that is capable of palletising a range of bag sizes and weights from 10 to 25 kg.
  • High accuracy cardboard slip sheet placement.
  • Pallet Dispenser


With consideration of the requirements set out by Building Adhesives, Webster Griffin recommended an Okura A1600 palletising robot system. The system included the following elements.

  • Okura A1600 high speed, intelligent palletising robot
  • Okura OXPA-QmV “Easy-Teach” palletising programme including pre-loaded palletising patterns
  • Colour PLC touch screen control panel for total ease of control.
  • Height adjustable bag flattener to ensure square, compact bags for neater palletising.
  • Standard manually adjustable high speed bag hand.
  • Automatic pallet magazine with a capacity of 400kg or 10 pallets.
  • Completely integrated system of roller conveyors for smooth transitions and total automation.
  • Automatic slip sheet feeder for highly accurate placement of a cardboard slip sheet prior to palletising.


The system was successfully installed and commissioned by Webster Griffin field engineers. Some key benefits to the customer are listed below.

  • Higher throughput palletising of up to 1100 bags an hour is now achievable with the new system increasing the production capabilities of Building Adhesives
  • A highly flexible system capable of palletising a range of bag sizes and weights from 10 to 25 kg.
  • The system provided spare capacity so that it's capable of meeting future changes in demand if necessary.
  • The system delivers neat, compact pallets ready for trouble free loading and transportation.
  • Greater efficiency has been achieved throughout the line with employees now able to utilise their time on other factory tasks involving less manual labour.

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