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WFP assists communities to prepare for and cope with the fall out of natural and man made disasters by working to stabilise long-term food and nutrition supplies. Webster Griffin was asked to work with them on this project for the Visayas disaster response centre in the Philippines as part of a programme to make a stockpile of food packs capable of feeding 500,000 people for three days. https://www.wfp.org/


The customer was looking to fill bags with rice for inclusion in family food packs for disaster relief packages.

The following were important objectives for their new machine.

  • Accurate weighing at small bag weights
  • Bags to be stamped with sell by date and batch code
  • Small bag sizes
  • Maintenance and spares kept to a minimum. The programme needed a simple, consistent machine as the remote location would be difficult reach for service personnel and parts.





The commissioning of the system by a Webster Griffin provided the following benefits:

  • Ease of changeover – the machine is self-adjusting for different sizes of bags.
  • High speed bagging with rate achievable up to 60 bags/ minute


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