Dubai Municipality – Wastewater Treatment

Organic fertilizer  -  Auto bagging System



Dubai Municipality is one of the largest governmental institutions in the United Arab Emirates. It is considered as one of Dubai‘s leading growth and development institutions in terms of it’s smart projects and services. The new plant is an extension to the fully operational Phase 1 Jebel Ali sewage treatment plant located on a 670 ha open desert site in the Emirate of Dubai. Jebel Ali Phase 2 will increase the existing average daily capacity from 300,000 m3 of wastewater treated to around 670,000 m3 on a daily basis by adding a new module for 370,000 m3/day.

When combined, the new facilities will treat the equivalent amount of sewage water originating from a city of 3.35 million inhabitants. The purpose of drying the sludge is to reduce its volume, make it safer to handle, and suitable for re-use on the land. Instead of the usual landfill disposal, which is expensive and not environmentally friendly, the process generates bio-solids, 1,300 kg per line per hour, that Dubai can use as fertilizer and soil conditioner in their numerous landscaped areas.



Dubai Municipality enlisted Webster Griffin with their experience in bagging waste and energy products for the installation of a complete solution for a form-fill-seal bagging line. Enpure required a solution for bagging, palletising and pallet protection of their 25kg bags. The client requested a high throughput of 2.1 Tons/h.

  • Part of Webster Griffin's scope is a dust extraction/vapour control and filtration device to ensure clean, safe operation.
  • Enpure insist that the bag filling line employs the most modern equipment and latest technology including an Okura robot palletizer - which was chosen for its versatility, minimal moving parts and reputation for reliability in inhospitable environments.
  • All equipment must be able to operate in an inhospitable desert environment that is south of Jebel Ali.




To meet all of Enpure’s requirements, Webster Griffin recommended a total bagging and palletising solution including the UPS-500 Form Fill Seal bagging machine. Webster Griffin recommended utilising form fill seal technology to deliver cheaper high throughput bagging. The automatic pellet bagging line is composed of the following elements:

  • An Automatic net weigher to ensure product weight accuracy within +/- 0.5%.
  • An automatic bag applicator for pillow and gusseted bags.
  • Programmable for different bag weights, product types.
  • A complete series of belts and roller conveyors providing a total solution for fertiliser pellet to complete pallet.
  • One Okura III series robot is supplied with 9” colour touch screen control panel
  • OXPA ‘Easy Teach’ programming software enabling the client access 100 pre-configured pallet stacking patterns using touch screen.
  • One high speed pallet wrapper model Uniwrap 200 Auto with rotating turn table to ensure waterproof pallets ready for transportation.
  • A dust extractor at filling machine 400m3/hour.
  • One standard empty pallet magazine, to hold a stack of 15-20 empty pallets.



The system was installed at the Enpure’s sewage treatment plant by a Webster Griffin engineer and has brought about the following benefits.

  • A Highly efficient system with a better than expected throughput of 3 Tons/h with a weight accuracy rate of+/- 0.5%.
  • Completely waterproofed palletised package that is ready for transport and finally distribution.
  • Low cost bagging. Form fill seal bagging delivers lower cost per bag than pre-made bags. Blazer Fuels will now save production costs on every bag.


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