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Eti Soda was the first facility in the world to utilise innovative solution mining technology on a commercial scale. Today, Eti Soda produces over 1.5 million tonnes of Soda Ash and 200,000 tonnes of sodium bicarbonate every year, sold to their customers in Turkey and exported around the world, especially to European countries. Eti Soda has been successfully producing for over 10 years. The products of Eti Soda are used in many sectors such as glass production and baking powder, detergents, paper and aluminum production. It is the second most used raw material following silica sand in glass mixture.


At the time Eti Soda aimed to produce 1m tpa of dense soda ash, 100,000 tpa of sodium bicarbonate and 30,000 tpa of caustic soda, the mine was expected to reach full production by the end of 2009. Webster Griffin’s objective was to provide ETI SODA with a modern ‘world class’ facility for packing the export grade dense soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. The Webster Griffin packing system automatically packs powder and granular products into plastic bags. The installation needed to meet European and International hygiene, environmental and manual handling requirements.




Having analysed ETI Soda’s requirements, Webster Griffin decided that they would require the installation of a turn key bagging, palletising and wrapping system at their new manufacturing plant located in the Beypazari District, 115km from Ankara, Turkey.

  • One Form Fill Seal bagging machine
  • High speed A700 Okura Robot with OXPA ‘Self Teach’ windows based software allows operators to create new palletising patterns and optimise existing patterns in order to produce symmetrical palletised stacks.
  • One fully automatic high speed stretch wrapping system with rotating arm Uniwrap 300AE to ensure secure transport to warehouse.
  • Compressive bag flattener ensuring a compact square bag suitable for palletising
  • An In line metal detector to ensure product has not been contaminated.
  • Integrated system of mechanised conveyors to ensure complete automation.
  • Automatic pallet magazine with conveyors



A stainless steel surge hopper receives product from the feed system feeding the two form fill seal bagging machines which are designed to pack 600 x 25kg bags/ hour and 300 x 50kg bags/ hour, the bags are rotated and flattened before passing through a metal detector and palletised on two Okura A700 robot palletisers before being stretch wrapped.

The complete system underwent Factory Acceptance Testing prior to commissioning by a Webster Griffin engineer and meets European and International hygiene, environmental and manual handling requirements as requested. ETI Soda has experienced various benefits including but not limited to:

  • Continuous production around the clock 24 hours a day.
  • The Turn Key Bagging system has reduced labour input and freed up workers for other important tasks.
  • ETI Soda is now achieving a very high throughput of 600 x 25kg bags/ hour and 300 x 50kg bags/ hour.
  • Increased flexibility and future proof with the Okura intelligent system accommodating palletising various bags sizes.
  • Reduced maintenance through the systems durability with ability to cope with industrial environments due to few moving parts and low maintenance.


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