Harringtons Open Mouth Bagging Machine

Pet Food - Automatic Bagging System



Representing good honest Yorkshire value, Harringtons and Wagg pet food are popular brands produced by Yorkshire firm IPN. Harringtons is a family owned business that understands the importance of giving pets the best possible food, using quality ingredients that are locally sourced where possible and free from artificial colours and flavourings.

Webster Griffin were given the brief to design and install the latest Harringtons high-speed packing line.


IPN needed a twenty first century solution for packing their very successful Harringtons range.

The new system had to provide all the advantages of fully automatic packing technology and built in versatility should the line be needed for different bag weights and package sizes in the future.

  • Harringtons knew they needed a fully automated system from bag filling to dispatch to match demand.
  • Flexibility to handle different pre-made bag sizes and weights including 10,12,15,17 and 20kg bags.
  • A consistent output of neat, square, compact pallets suitable for storage in their clients automated high bay warehouses.
  • 24 hour a day operation at an impressive throughput of up to 900 bags/ hour to keep up with the growing demand.
  • Ability to stack and wrap ‘mini’ supermarket shelf retail pallets as well as standard UK and European shipping pallets
  • Integration of an automatic loaded pallet collating machine to combine two mini retail pallets and load them into a standard distribution pallet for a growing demand of fast turnaround supermarket chains.


Webster Griffin engineered the following totally automated solution:

  • The new packing line includes a versatile Modulo Bagging machine, multi programme palletiser, pallet collating and wrapping, labelling and conveying through the warehouse to automatic truck loading dock.
  • Webster Griffin’s reliable Modulo Bagging machine to achieve a high throughput of 900 bags/ hour.
  • High-speed Modulo Bagger capable of filling pre-made bags ranging from 10-20kg
  • Robust, quality monoblock construction.
  • Minimal downtime is required during the film reel change using the automated film loading system.
  • Ultra high speed OKURA A1800V palletiser with OXPA ‘self teach’ software enables Wagg Foods to create and modify the palletising programmes themselves.
  • IPN pride themselves on excellent customer service and the quality of their products, therefore reliable operation of their packing lines and maximising the overall operating efficiency was paramount.
  • Auto change over of pallets to all sizes of pallet: mini-pallets, retail pallets, Dusseldorf pallets, Euro pallets, UK standard shipping pallets (Red or Blue).
  • The Uniwrap 300AE, one of Webster Griffin’s most efficient and robust pallet wrapping machines that provides reliable weatherproof packaging for distribution within a national logistics network.
  • Integration of packing lines with Webster Griffins high speed pallet conveying system – which receives loaded pallets from 7 automatic packing lines and transports them to the dispatch zone with automatic truck loading system and onward to IPN’s new distribution centre and warehouse.



The system was commissioned and installed by our site engineers and delivered the following to our customers.

  • Increased throughput with bagging and palletising at a consistent rate of 650 - 900 x 17kg bags an hour.
  • Neat, square wrapped pallets that are ready for transportation to retailers.
  • Automation of packing lines and warehouse duties which reduces the necessity for manual labour and frees up time for other tasks.
  • IPN happy with the solution and two additional palletising lines have since been ordered.
  • Integrated service report contract.



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