Hugh King – Form Fill Seal Bagging For Sports Sand

Sports Sand - Fast FFS Bagging Machine



Hugh King has established themselves in 1853 as a coal and sand merchant but later redefined themselves as a leading supplier of sports sand. This sand is currently being used at all the Open Championship Golf venues in Scotland, in addition to over 100 regional courses.

The company's products have also been utilised in the construction of the pitches at Hampden, Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium.  Hugh King & Co Ltd have since been acquired by Tillicoultry Quarries, providing yet more support and backing as they prepare for a new challenge in a growing UK market.


When production capacity could not keep up with market demand, Hugh King commissioned Webster Griffin to help increase their bagging output and take the packing line to the next level of automation. They required their dried silica sand to be packed into 25 kg bags at a throughput of at least 700 bags an hour.

  • The bagging throughput of damp fine sand is usually slower due to the flowability of the product when it’s moist.
  • A high throughput of 900/1000  - 25 kg bags/hr  ‐  subject to product flow‐ability and weight accuracy required.
  • Product to be packed is dried silica sand



After analysing Hugh Kings requirements, Webster Griffin proposed the installation of the following systems and equipment: One Velocity Form Fill Seal bagging machine with Ropex sealing system.

  • An automatic volumetric product doser with belt type feeder and pneumatically operated cut off gate to provide feeding rates.
    Photoelectric cell to detect and control the film unwinding process.
  • A surge hopper to be installed above the net weigher and to receive product from Hugh King’s conveyor, controlled by an inverter to regulate belt speed.
  • 2 belt conveyors
  • Film reel lifting mechanism to assist with changeovers.
  • Operators touch screen control panel with production and throughput data.
  • A Robust mild steel frame.
  • Pneumatically operated pre-closing & also sealing jaws.
  • A Parallel vertical sealing bar with anti-adhesive Teflon coating.



  • Due to the compact size and low headroom requirements, Installing the system took up very little floorspace in the warehouse.
  • Hugh king were very satisfied with the tightly packed bags produced by the Velocity FFS bagging system.
  • Increased levels of automation, reduced system downtime and ensured high rates of output were maintained.
  • Hugh King were pleased with the bullet proof reliability of the FFS machine.
  • Low consumption of parts means that only one service per year is required.
  • Webster Griffin's innovative technology means the deaeration systems provide a water and dust tight package - extending Hugh Kings product shelf life, which is highly important for high grade sports sand.
  • Webster Griffin's FFS machine would have to integrate seamlessly with Hugh Kings exsiting automatic bag conveyors to ensure an uniterupted flow of the packing line.


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