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Indorama Nigeria


Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited is the largest global PET producer.

Indorama selected Webster Griffin’s Jumbo bag filling line for their new PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) chip SSP (Solid State Polymerisation) plant in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Indorama have previously purchased Webster Griffin’s bulk bag filling systems for their PET plants in Indonesia ( three lines), Thailand ( four lines), UK, India and Lithuania.


To achieve reliable, high speed bagging in an inhospitable tropical environment guaranteeing continuity of supply to Indorama customers.

  • Reliable and consistent weighing accuracy
  • Spare capacity to secure rapid growth in a fast-growing market
  • User-friendly control presenting capability for batch trace-ability
  • To function 24 hours per day in a humid, high temperature enviroment
  • Machinery to meet international safety standards
  • Integration of the bagging line into the PET production process
  • Provide a flexible solution to fill bulk bags ranging from 900kg to 1200kg


Having analysed Indorama’s requirements, Webster Griffin proposed a high speed big bag filling system with ergonomic filling spout and patented semi-suspension weigh-fill technology to uphold the packing rate.

  • Bag is suspended during the automatic weighing and filling process to ensure it is filled evenly and is stable when filled
  • Printing of bag identification label for batch and bag traceability
  • Bag height check feature with auto adjustment for different bag sizes – no manual resetting required
  • Bag filling stabilisation technology for high throughput bagging
  • Ergonomic filling spout complete with operator platform to ease operator application of empty bags
  • User friendly – full colour operator’s touch screen panel
  • Low maintenance with one scheduled maintenance visit annually
  • Built-in air conditioning of the control panel avoiding the need for a separate control room
  • The system is automatically adjustable for varying bag sizes and weights, catering to Indorama variations in a single production run


Indorama are now producing 75,000 tonnes a year of bottle grade PET chips. Webster Griffin’s work with Indorama went beyond installation with technical training provided during a subsequent visit by our engineer.

  • Future proof - high speed IBC-PF4 big bag filling line means Indorama can satisfy customer demand well into the future
  • Efficient - automated operation of IBC-PF4 enables Indorama to run a 30 ton/h bagging line with one operator
  • Tailor made solution - standard modules integrated into a complete system to suit their exact requirements in Nigeria
  • Traceability - printed ticket provides batch and bag identification

“Indorama certainly appreciate Webster Griffin’s collaborative approach and willingness to help them achieve their goals. Indorama chose the IBC PF4 for its well proven robust design, ease of operation and enduring performance”

Mark Wilson, Sales Director

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