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PET Granules - Mobile FIBC Filling



Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited is the largest global PET producer in the world. PET is the world’s packaging choice for many foods and beverages because it is hygienic, strong, lightweight, shatterproof, and retains freshness. It is most commonly used to package carbonated soft drinks and water. The global demand for PET is over 20 million tons a year.

Indorama selected Webster Griffin to install an IBC‐ PF4 Mobile Big Bag weigh‐fill system mounted on a Buiscar trailer. We have worked closely with Indorama on various other projects internationally at their manufacturing sites in Nigeria, Lithuania and now again in Rotterdam.



Indorama presented Webster Griffin with the following challenges: To achieve reliable, high speed bagging in an industrious work environment ensuring that Indorama can provide continuity of supply to their customers:

  • Spare capacity to secure rapid growth in a fast-growing market.
  • Reliable and consistent weighing accuracy
  • Batch traceability (PET chips are a high value product used for making food packaging)
  • User-friendly controls
  • To function continuously in an industrious environment.
  • Machinery to meet international safety standards.
  • To work with a supplier who would understand their objectives, issues and problems.
  • A partner with experience of integrating the bagging line into the PET production process.


After analysing Indorama’s requirements, Webster Griffin recommended the following solution: One Big Bag Weigh‐Fill machine, model IBC‐PF4, with an electronic load cell weighing system to weigh and fill free flowing products into big bags, including heavy duty welded box section support frame for easy cleaning.

  • Patented ‘Semi‐suspension’ filling system to give full bags a perfect shape
  • Check weighing of every filled bag
  • Ergonomic filling spout complete with operator platform to ease operator application of empty bags.
  • Auto release of bag loop
  • Stainless steel contact parts
  • Big bags are vibrated during filling to consolidate powders to ensure the bag is stable and sitting firmly on the pallet.
  • Highly flexible machine with an automatic adjustment for different bag heights
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Automatic pallet magazine/dispenser
  • User friendly – full colour operator’s touch screen panel.

We also recommended that we provide one electrical and mechanical engineer to supervise the off-loading and positioning of the system, after they would undertake mechanical and electrical installation of the equipment and to finish our technician will then remain on site to test and complete the installation.


The system commissioning was overseen by a Webster Griffin engineer with the system providing the following benefits:

  • Future proof - high speed IBC-PF4 big bag filling line means Indorama can satisfy customer demand well into the future.
  • Significant increase in production levels with a throughput of 30 x 1,000 kg Big Bag/hr leading to improved customer service and assistance.
  • Efficient - automated operation of IBC-PF4 enables Indorama to run a 30 ton/h bagging line with one operator.
  • Higher levels of automation means that workers are freed up for other production tasks.
  • The heavy duty galvanised frame that is robust and manufactured to last.
  • The unique “semi‐suspension” filling concept which ensures that neat, square, stable bags can be filled at high speed.



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